Zilog Unveils Zdots Module for Rapid Embedded Application Development

Zilog, Inc. (Nasdaq: ZILG) a leading supplier of 8-, 16- and 32-bit embedded Flash microcontrollers, universal remote control and ARM(R) core-based solutions announced its innovative new Zdots(TM) modules. These single-board computer (SBC) solutions enable rapid development and deployment of embedded systems. The peripheral-rich Zdots(TM) SBC streamlines embedded application development for a multitude of applications that include industrial control, IrDA connectivity, communication, security, automation, secure transactions, and embedded networking applications.

The Zdots(TM) module solution cuts time to market and BOM costs by providing a flexible, robust foundation that serves as the ideal platform for products designed using Zilog’s extensive catalog of ASSPs, flash MCUs, and universal remote control solutions.

“This is rocket fuel for design engineers,” stated Keith Bladen, vice president of marketing, Zilog. “We have tried to stay focused on helping embedded design engineers and their companies get better products to market faster than their competitors. “Time and time again, however, we’ve heard our customers tell us that fast isn’t fast enough. They have to launch products almost overnight — at the lowest possible BOM cost. So we created the Zdots(TM) SBC solution. It’s rocket fuel for today’s embedded design applications.”

The Zdots(TM) SBC rapid embedded application development solution is available today for the eZ80AcclaimPlus!(TM) family of ASSP’s. The high-performance connectivity ASSP provides design engineers with 16-bit performance in an 8-bit footprint. In addition, Zilog has developed an extensive roadmap of Zdots(TM) modules for targeted applications. The company plans to roll out new Zdots(TM) solutions with its other product families starting in the second quarter of 2008.

“Our customers rely on us for complete solutions,” said Michelle Leyden Li, Zilog’s director of worldwide product marketing, Zilog. “What’s so powerful about the Zdots(TM) solution is that a developer can quickly create a proof-of-concept prototype, refine it, and then drop the finished design into a production system. With the Zdots(TM) solution, when you’re done with design, you have the working product.”

About Zilog, Inc.
Founded in 1974, Zilog is a global supplier of 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontroller and microprocessor “system-on-a-chip” (SoC) solutions that allow design engineers the freedom and creativity required for continued innovation in embedded design. The company won international acclaim for designing one of the first architectures in the microprocessors and microcontrollers industry. Today, Zilog designs, develops and markets a broad portfolio of devices for embedded control and communication applications used in consumer electronics, home appliances, security systems, point of sales terminals, personal computer peripherals, as well as industrial and automotive applications. Zilog is headquartered in San Jose, California, and employs approximately 500 people worldwide with sales offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

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