CodeSourcery Debuts Latest Sourcery G++ C/C++ Development Environment

CodeSourcery, Inc. announces the immediate availability of the spring release of Sourcery G++, a complete C/C++ development environment based on the GNU Toolchain and the Eclipse(tm) IDE. With this release, CodeSourcery expands its offering with two new products, Sourcery G++ for MIPS ELF and Sourcery G++ for x86 Windows®, and introduces additional tools for GNU/Linux® application developers, including a QEMU(tm)-based simulator, a post-linker for reducing the footprint of a GNU/Linux system, and a utility to simplify use of Sourcery G++’s libraries and dynamic linker when running applications on a target system with an existing GNU/Linux installation. In addition, Sourcery G++ now includes Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) and CDT 4.0, the latest version of the Eclipse IDE, bringing editing and code navigation improvements to every platform.

CodeSourcery has also developed many new features and enhancements on individual target platforms for this release. Sourcery G++ for ARM targets the new ARM Cortex(tm)-A9 and Cortex-R4F processors, and the Professional Edition now includes big-endian runtime libraries and VFP-optimized runtime libraries for improved performance on certain ARM processors. Sourcery G++ for ColdFire features multi-GOT support on GNU/Linux systems and huge-GOT support on uClinux(tm) systems, which allow development of larger applications. Sourcery G++ for MIPS GNU/Linux uses non-PIC code generation for faster application performance. Sourcery G++ for Power Architecture Processors generates smaller code when optimized for size and includes a QEMU-based instruction set simulator for debugging applications for bare board systems without target hardware.

“We’ve made Sourcery G++ even easier to use in a number of ways — including the Eclipse/CDT upgrade, new tools for GNU/Linux application developers, a streamlined installation process, and more comprehensive documentation,” said Mark Mitchell, Chief Sourcerer of CodeSourcery. “We’ve also improved the performance of GCC and GDB on a number of popular embedded architectures. We’re pleased to have been chosen by several leading companies in this market, including ARM, Freescale, and MIPS, to implement new features and optimizations in the GNU Toolchain.”

Sourcery G++ contains an enhanced Eclipse-based integrated development environment, the entire GNU Toolchain — ISO C/C++ compilers, a flexible assembler, a powerful linker, runtime libraries, and a source- and assembly-level debugger — with JTAG/BDM and simulator support, and more. Sourcery G++ Professional Edition customers receive unlimited technical support from CodeSourcery’s expert engineers. Sourcery G++ runs on GNU/Linux or Windows hosts and targets GNU/Linux, uClinux, Windows, or bare board systems.

CodeSourcery will be demonstrating the new release of Sourcery G++ this week at the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2008 (Booth #3050).

CodeSourcery is a member of the ARM Connected Community, the Freescale Tools Alliance Program, the MIPS Alliance Program,, and the TI Developer Network.

About CodeSourcery
CodeSourcery builds software tools that enable its customers to get the most out of hardware platforms ranging from embedded devices to supercomputers. Its products and services deliver on the promise of open-source software and open standards. CodeSourcery is a privately held company headquartered in Granite Bay, California. For more information about CodeSourcery, call (650) 331-3385.

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