IAR Systems, Freescale Team on ZigBee Design Kit

IAR Systems has announced an agreement with the Wireless Connectivity Group of Freescale Semiconductor to include IAR Systems development tools and debug probe in the next generation of Freescale’s development kits based on the MC1322x IEEE® 802.15.4 Platform-in-Package(tm) (PiP) IC. Freescale’s BeeKit(tm) Wireless Connectivity Toolkit, which also is included in the kits, provides direct support for IAR Embedded Workbench, easing the integration from BeeKit software to Embedded Workbench.

The high-end versions of the development kits are expected to include a Baseline Edition of IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM® technology with EABI support, and a J-Link JTAG debug probe, while users of the low and mid-range kits will be provided with a choice of installing either the 32kB code-size limited KickStart Edition of IAR Embedded Workbench or a 30-day evaluation licence for the full version of the tool, again with a J-Link probe included.

“IAR Systems has earned a reputation for exceeding the expectations of wireless developers by providing highly optimized C/C++ compiler tools and debuggers, using its outstanding technology and code base for 8/16/32-bit applications,” said Brett Black, Manager of Freescale Wireless Connectivity Operation. “IAR Systems development tools are a vital part of our ecosystem for our next-generation ZigBee platform solution. Bundling IAR Embedded Workbench ARM tools with our development kits enables users to get exceptional results from Freescale’s MC1322x hardware and software platform.”

“Our partnership with Freescale Semiconductor presents a compelling testimonial to the quality of IAR Systems C/C++ compiler and debugger technology,” said Robert DeOliveira, IAR Global Account Manager. “Wireless technologies for sensing and control applications are growing fast, and Freescale is a key player in the ZigBee technology market with a product offering that is well-placed to meet the challenges of this competitive market. We are committed to delivering the very best embedded development tools, both for ZigBee technology and for other applications sectors, and this has paved the way for being selected by Freescale Semiconductor for its next-generation all-inclusive software development environment based on the ZigBee protocol.”

About BeeKit
BeeKit is a stand alone software application that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) in which the user can create, modify, save and update wireless network solutions based on Freescale’s protocol stacks. The BeeKit development environment provides a wizard and solution explorer that allows the user to quickly and easily configure parameters before creating the project, greatly reducing the need to sift through individual files and manually configure parameters. With the comprehensive code base of wireless networking libraries, application templates, and sample applications, the user generates the appropriate workspace files to be imported into an integrated development environment (IDE) for continued development and debugging. BeeKit is designed to be easily scalable to support new code bases and functionality.

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