PFU Systems Introduces Plug-N-Run G5 COM Express Basic Module

PFU Systems announces the availability of the latest in its line of Computer On Module (COM) products and plans for a major expansion of the line later this year. Complementing last year’s announcement of the Plug-N-Run(tm) E1, a server level COM Express Extended module, PFU introduced the Plug-N-Run(tm) G5, a COM Express Basic form factor module using the latest Intel® Core(tm)2 Duo technology. Plans are now in place to expand the line with products based on ULV versions of the Core(tm)2 Duo processor for thermally sensitive applications and Celeron versions for cost effective solutions. PFU is also announcing its plan to offer a module based on the recently announced (Menlow platform) Atom(tm) processor very soon.

“The G5 module provides our customers with the latest in Intel performance and data handling capabilities with PFU’s proven reliability and superior thermal solutions,” stated James Payne, PFU System’s Manager of Embedded Marketing. “This latest announcement cements PFU’s commitment to the COM Express standard and the advantages of Computer On Module configured technology.”

The currently available G5 offers Core 2 Duo processors at 2.2 and 1.6GHz with Intel GME965 graphics and memory controller and the ICH8M-DO I/O controller providing 800MHz FSB access to as much as 4GB of DDR2 memory. In addition, there is support for 1-x16 and 5-x1 lanes of PCI Express, 3 Serial ATA channels, Gigabit Ethernet, 8 USB ports, dual channel LVDS LCD, and High Definition Audio.

The G5 module and newly announced versions provide a superior collection of capabilities and power packaged in the standard COM Express Basic Type 2 form factor. The E1 module provides substantial server level performance and throughput packaged on the standard COM Express Extended form factor. PFU Systems is one of the originators of the PICMG COM Express standard and the only PICMG member that provides the full-scale extended form factor.

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