TDK Introduces Isolated 15W, 30W Industrial DC-DC Converters

TDK Corporation announced that it has developed a new series of isolated DC-DC converters for industrial applications. The series comprises a total of 64 products rated for 15W or 30W. Mass production under the TDK-Lambda brand name will start progressively from July 2008. Industrial equipment such as factory automation systems and computers as well as various kinds of communications devices are becoming increasingly complex and operate at ever higher speeds. This is reinforcing the trend towards increased current consumption of circuit boards, while on the other hand there is a need for electronic components to be mounted on ever smaller surfaces and to provide further improved functionality and performance. DC-DC converters which step up or step down voltages to the levels required by the circuitry are vital components in this regard. Important design goals here are not only reduced weight and smaller dimensions, but also high efficiency operation that contributes towards saving energy.

To meet these demands of the market, TDK has been pursuing the development of more compact DC-DC converters which nevertheless offer high performance and high efficiency. The resulting new series of converters represents an upgrade of our existing products, with added functions such as parallel operation support and overvoltage protection. The lineup will cover a wide range of customer requirements. The use of TDK’s proprietary low-loss ferrite core material ensures high efficiency of operation. Compared to our previous products, power conversion efficiency has been improved by two percent, while mounting space requirements are about 6 percent less for the 15W types and as much as 32 percent less for the 30W types.

Main Applications
Industrial equipment such as factory automation systems, communications devices, PC boards, etc.

Main Features

  1. Extensive lineup with total of 64 products for 15W and 30W (including DIP types, SMD types, and high isolation voltage types without cover)
  2. High efficiency and compact dimensions (approx. 6% less mounting space requirements for 15W types and approx. 32% less for 30W types)
  3. Variety of added features to cover a wide range of user requirements
      Parallel operation support

    • Built-in output overvoltage protection
    • Built-in output low-voltage protection
    • Built-in output overcurrent protection
    • Built-in output overvoltage alarm
    • Built-in simultaneous startup and startup delay function
    • Remote on/off function

About TDK Corporation
TDK Corporation (TSE: 6762; NYSE: TDK) is a leading global electronics company based in Japan. It was established in 1935 to commercialize “ferrite,” a key material in electronics and magnetics. TDK’s current product line includes ferrite materials, electronic components and ICs, wireless computer networking products, magnetic heads for HDD, digital recording hardware and advanced digital recording media.