Jungo Rolls Out USBHost Tester for Embedded USB Host Testing

Jungo, a leading global provider of USB software protocol stacks, driver development tools and testing tools, announced its USBHost Tester(TM) product line, a complete embedded USB host testing solution which enables automated and highly efficient embedded USB host testing. USBHost Tester provides developers with a powerful tool to quickly test embedded USB host stacks, delivering superior quality and compliance with USB-IF certification standards. USBHost Tester works by testing the USB host stack against thousands of commonly used USB devices in its database. USBHost Tester is unique in its ability to simulate entire class descriptors. It also features an extensive reporting facility, making it invaluable for product developers and testers.

“Interoperability among USB solutions is a priority for the USB-IF, and has been the driving factor for the success and proliferation of USB products,” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President. “We are pleased to see Jungo, a long time champion of USB testing, announce testing support for embedded hosts that will enable enhanced testing of interoperability against a wide range of USB devices.”

“The release of the USBHost Tester solution will provide developers with an indispensible tool to test embedded USB host stacks,” said Ophir Herbst, VP and General Manager for Jungo Connectivity Software. “At present it is a real challenge for developers to properly test their USB hosts with the multitude of commonly used USB devices. The introduction of the USBHost Tester will address this challenge and ultimately provide end users with the reliable experience they have come to expect from their USB devices.”

USBHost Tester will be showcased at the Embedded Systems Conference, April 14-18, San Jose, CA at Jungo booth number 1438.

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Jungo Software Technologies is a leading supplier of driver development tools, embedded USB software solutions, USB testing tools and residential gateway software. Jungo has partnered with leading operating system and silicon vendors to provide the best solutions for both software and hardware developers.

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