EMA Design Automation to Resell Taray 7Circuits FPGA I/O Synthesis Tool

EMA Design Automation(tm), one of the world’s largest Electronic Design Automation Value Added Resellers, announced that they have signed an agreement to be the exclusive North American reseller of 7Circuits®, an FPGA I/O synthesis tool from Taray®. “This partnership provides a long-needed FPGA I/O planning solution to both EMA and Cadence,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA, a Cadence channel partner. “With this agreement, we can now offer our customers an integrated flow that will dramatically shorten their FPGA and PCB design cycle, and significantly improve their time to market.”

“FPGA I/O pin assignment is a big problem for the large, complex FPGA designs seen today,” said Hemant Shah, Marketing Director for PCB Products at Cadence Design Systems, Inc. “Traditional approaches require users to do this assignment manually. 7Circuits has a unique pin assignment synthesis approach that makes it easy to design-in large, complex FPGAs on PCBs. To reduce development costs associated with these systems, Cadence continues to work closely with Taray in delivering a solution that is tightly integrated with Cadence’s PCB design technology.”

Design teams often struggle with FPGA pin assignments, employing manually-intensive methods that neglect the PCB layout until late in the design cycle. This results in increased PCB routing efforts with more layers and vias, both of which can impact manufacturing cost and signal integrity. In addition, users manually create the symbols and schematics that connect the FPGAs to the rest of the system. To insure consistency, data exchanged throughout the entire design process must be carefully managed for every change to every pin assignment on every FPGA.

7Circuits generates FPGA pin assignments that are optimized for both the FPGA and the PCB. Using its built-in FPGA library and applying a set of user-supplied constraints, 7Circuits’ rule-based synthesis engine automatically creates the FPGA pin connections as well as the symbols and schematics for use by the system and PCB designers. Furthermore, it maintains this data throughout the design cycle. It also minimizes or eliminates the possibility for user-induced errors. As a result, customers can decrease their design cycles by as much as 5-15x, depending on the number of FPGAs in the design.

“We are very excited to leverage EMA’s history of marketing expertise to bring 7Circuits to design teams throughout North America,” said Nagesh Gupta, chief executive officer of Taray. “7Circuits uses our patented I/O synthesis technology to radically improve the productivity of design teams that develop PC boards using large FPGAs. We are finding that our customers are saving up to 2 man-months on typical FPGA design projects, with even more savings for more complex designs.”

For more information about EMA and the products they offer, call 800-813-7494. 7Circuits starts at $10K and is available now from EMA.

About Taray, Inc.
With offices in Silicon Valley and Hyderabad, India, Taray, Inc., founded in 2002, provides cutting-edge tools for FPGA and PCB design and owns key patents in this area. Their flagship product, 7Circuits, is an FPGA I/O synthesis tool that incorporates Taray’s patented technology to solve the FPGA/PCB co-design challenge. Taray is also the exclusive supplier of the Memory Interface Generator tool for Xilinx. Drawing on over 60 years of combined industry experience in the FPGA and EDA markets, Taray’s executive management team has guided the company through six years of sustained profitability.

About EMA Design Automation, Inc.
EMA Design Automation is a leader in product development solutions offering a complete range of product lifecycle management systems, electronic CAD tools, mechanical CAD tools, consulting services, training, and technical support. EMA is a Cadence® Channel Partner serving all of North America and a PTC Partner addressing the product development needs of companies globally. EMA manufactures TimingDesigner®, a static timing analysis solution, and distributes it through a worldwide network of value added resellers. EMA is a privately held corporation headquartered in Rochester, New York.

EMA Design Automation is a trademark and TimingDesigner is a registered trademark of EMA Design Automation, Inc. Cadence is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. PTC is a registered trademark of Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). Taray and 7Circuits are registered trademarks of Taray, Inc.