Electronics.ca Unveils Microsystems, Semiconductors for Life Science

ELECTRONICS.CA PUBLICATIONS, the electronics industry market research and knowledge network, announces the availability of a new report entitled “Microsystems and Semiconductors for the Life Science Industry.” Microelectronics, which has led to the explosion of consumer electronics sales, can now bring its added value to life science applications. The key challenge for microelectronics is to make complexity invisible and adapt it to the value chain and way of working to the life science industries.

Microsystems technologies are changing the Life Sciences industry, the new study emphasizes. New in-vitro diagnostic systems, new therapy strategies, genetic diseases treatment, targeted and intelligent drug delivery, artificial pancreas, drug discovery processes are healthcare improvements promised to future generations, enabled by semiconductor and MEMS technologies.

The Life Sciences industry already faces critical challenges in addressing this expected market. To take part in this innovation process, it is crucial to understand the technology and industrial trends by having a good knowledge of currently used technologies, their limits and advantages, their applications and the way the Life Sciences industry currently works, all of which are analyzed and discussed in the report.

MEMS components for Life Sciences market volumes were estimated slightly above 500 Million dollars in 2005 and are now predicted to grow up to 1,000 M$ in 2010. The growth only accelerates and the new report estimates that they will be reaching 2,000 M$ in 2012.

The report brings a lot of value to IC manufacturers, MEMS manufacturers, materials and equipment suppliers and system manufacturers to better understand the business potential, the technology status, the value chain of life science market and who is doing what for strategic and marketing decision making.

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