MAZeT Announces New Embedded Computing Platform

MAZeT presents itself as a system provider for the development and manufacture of customer-specific embedded computing platforms for medical technology, and automation and industrial measurement technology. The newest highlight MAZeT offers is a scalable, self-sufficient and modular embedded computing platform, based on a PowerPC processor (MPC5200), 4 FPGAs and Linux. The platform was first used as a hardware emulator for Interbus installations. Together with simulation software, Interbus can simulate the behaviour of networked automation systems and other systems structures in real time.

MAZeT Embedded Computing PlatformExperience in real time and MPC and Linux expertise both played a role in the development of the platform. It can be applied universally or equipped with other processors as per customer requirements. Hardware can be modified according to the customer’s needs. The customer also receives a board/support package which is customized for their application.

MAZeT cooperates with its customers throughout the entire life cycle of the product-from finding the solution and mass production right through to replacement parts delivery and after sales support. A partnership with MAZeT is set apart by the company’s certified development and manufacturing processes and in-depth knowledge of process requirements in the development of medical equipment, vehicle construction and automation technology. MAZeT boasts a high level of technical expertise in FPGA design, processor application, embedded operating systems and application software development, as well as transparent costing, on-time performance and engineering work of the highest quality.

MAZeT supports its customers throughout the entire process of finding the best solution. It searches for the best value solution based on the available range of technology and creates all designs from electronic components to ASIC designs. In high-volume applications, MAZeT possesses the expertise to be able to achieve a high level of integration in the embedded computing solution and, for example, to develop and mass produce on-chip and mixed signal ASICs.

MAZeT guarantees the long-term availability of electronic components and ASICs developed and manufactured by the company. As a systems partner, MAZeT is able to find the right solution for any customer requirement thanks to its cooperation with a network of high-performance technology partners.

About MAZeT
MAZeT GmbH is a leading European development and production service provider. The company, founded in 1992 with headquarters in Jena, develops, manufactures and delivers customer-specific electronic modular units, software and ASICs, and markets its own products under the name JENCOLOR(TM) worldwide. Due to its broad technological offerings and application know-how, MAZeT GmbH is a dependable and proven service partner for made-to-measure, customer-specific solutions in the areas of industrial electronics and optical sensors. The company’s development competence and the components produced by it for special uses can be found in the whole area of industrial measurement technology, control engineering, automation and medical areas, among others.