ZeroG Wireless Enables Wi-Fi, IP Connectivity on Virtually Any System

ZeroG Wireless, an innovator in low power RF IC design, announced a breakthrough in embedded Wi-Fi design. Coupling its expertise in low-power analog and RF design with its deep understanding of embedded systems, ZeroG has created a Wi-Fi IC that can be easily integrated into nearly any system regardless of host microcontroller (MCU) or operating system (OS). The result is a much faster time to market for embedded designers, and a broadening of the number and type of devices that can now gain connectivity to the large and rapidly growing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

“Cisco is committed to broadening Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the consumer and enterprise markets,” said Alan Hase, Cisco’s vice president of engineering for mobility solutions. “Cisco holds a vision of a world of wirelessly connected devices exchanging information over the IP network. And, ZeroG’s focus offers the possibility of accelerating the embedding of Wi-Fi technology into the billions of electronic devices that as of today remain unconnected.”

Key to the ZeroG design are a unique system architecture and an accompanying software suite which enable ZeroG Wi-Fi chips to be designed alongside even the most resource constrained systems, without need for expensive re-architecture or the addition of large memory resources. The chip is further enhanced by leveraging the Company’s expertise in highly integrated, low power RF designs, resulting in a Wi-Fi chip perfectly suited to the embedded markets.

“The unique system design provides ZeroG with the unmatched ability to meet the needs of today’s embedded Wi-Fi market by unlocking a whole new set of products and application to Wi-Fi connectivity,” noted John Cummins, CEO, ZeroG Wireless, in making this announcement. “Because of our design, ZeroG specifications fit the needs of literally thousands of different applications within the consumer and enterprise markets.”

ZeroG Wireless was founded by Tom Lee, Ph.D., a tenured Professor at Stanford University where he established the CMOS wireless IC research program. Professor Lee is also a co-Founder of Matrix Semiconductor. Based on the belief that a new paradigm of wireless connectivity is upon us, the Fourth Age of Wireless(TM) – an Internet of Things, Professor Lee developed a program to re-architect the existing CMOS design for ubiquitous, low-power Wi-Fi. The resulting technology provides the connectivity solution required to enable a mass market for connected wireless nodes.

About ZeroG Wireless, Inc.
ZeroG is a fabless semiconductor company focused on creating a world of connected devices. With ZeroG low-power Wi-Fi chips, there is no limit to the type of device that can now leverage the massive and rapidly growing Wi-Fi infrastructure. The Company’s products are designed from the ground up to enable simple, low cost connectivity for nearly any system, regardless of architecture. The result: faster time to market and significantly lower overall system cost. Privately held, ZeroG Wireless is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. Investors include Cisco, Greylock Partners, Morgenthaler, and Miven.