VisionGate Chooses MathStar Arrix FPOA Chip for Cell-CT Platform

MathStar, Inc. (Nasdaq: MATH), a fabless semiconductor company specializing in high-performance programmable logic, announced that the company has been selected by VisionGate, Inc. to help develop a potentially groundbreaking medical imaging solution for cellular characterization employing 3D computed tomographic scanning on intact cells from patients at risk of cancer.

After extensive evaluation and benchmarking against other computing architectures, VisionGate selected MathStar’s Arrix FPOA chip as the processing engine for its Cell-CT platform, which is entering investigational clinical trials.

“We are pleased to be working with VisionGate, the leading innovator in 3D diagnostic cellular imaging,” said Doug Pihl, MathStar’s CEO. “MathStar’s FPOA technology is uniquely suited for the needs of high-performance medical imaging applications.”

Dr. Alan Nelson, VisionGate’s chairman and CEO, said, “MathStar’s FPOA architecture provides the performance and flexibility to implement the computationally demanding filtering and backprojection algorithms we employ in our 3D imaging technology. We are excited to collaborate with MathStar as we advance our Cell-CT platform through clinical studies and toward product commercialization worldwide.”

MathStar’s investment in the medical-imaging market includes a portfolio of digital signal processing (DSP) libraries, FPOA development software, and an FPOA evaluation system for application development. The Arrix family is MathStar’s second generation of high-performance, re-programmable FPOAs that are uniquely well suited for advanced medical-imaging and other performance-demanding applications.

About MathStar, Inc.
MathStar (NASDAQ: MATH) is a fabless semiconductor company offering best-in-class, high performance programmable logic solutions. MathStar’s field programmable object array (FPOA) can process arithmetic and logic operations at clock rates of 1-gigahertz, which is up to four times faster than even the most advanced FPGA architectures in many applications. MathStar’s Arrix family of FPOAs are high-performance programmable solutions that enable customers in the machine vision, high-performance video, medical imaging, security & surveillance and military markets to rapidly and cost effectively innovate and differentiate their products. FPOAs are available now and are supported by development tools, IP cores, application notes and technical documentation.

About VisionGate, Inc.
VisionGate, a privately held corporation in Washington State, has developed a novel 3D cellular characterization platform, the Cell-CT(TM), based on the company’s broadly patented technology. The Cell-CT is capable of generating high resolution 3D information from intact cells for automated analysis of biomarkers. Cells are injected into capillary tubes that rotate to allow multiple viewing angles to compute the internal 3D structure; thus enabling, spatially defined densitometry of labeled molecular species and nuclear chromatin. VisionGate(TM) and Cell-CT(TM) are trademarks of VisionGate, Inc., Gig Harbor, WA.