Parasoft Embedded to Focus on Quality Real-time Embedded Systems

Parasoft, a leading provider of solutions and services that deliver quality as a continuous process throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), extended its leadership within the embedded and real time systems markets with the launch of Parasoft Embedded. This new division solidifies Parasoft’s commitment to providing customers a comprehensive portfolio focused on establishing a continuous quality process for embedded and/or real time systems.

Parasoft, who is the distinct leader of delivering quality as a continuous process for enterprise applications, felt the need to more heavily focus on the unique circumstances within real time systems, where there is no room for error. Parasoft Embedded was created to more rapidly advance the integration of Parasoft technology into the embedded or real-time systems SDLC. In addition to providing software quality solutions, Parasoft Embedded leverages their unique expertise to integrate these technologies into embedded or real-time system development environments in a way that establishes a sustainable quality process—delivering greater productivity, shorter time to market, and significantly fewer software defects.

“The size and critical role of the software components in the modern embedded systems and applications are driving up the emphasis that is placed on the embedded software development and validation practices. We perceive a great opportunity to deliver higher levels of automation in implementing these quality practices by leveraging a unique technology base which Parasoft amassed in its 20 years in the IT software business,” stated Sergei Sokolov, General Manager of Parasoft Embedded. “The focus of Parasoft Embedded is to serve as a one-stop provider of quality solutions tightly integrated into the specific development flows and tool environments for embedded and real time systems.”

About Parasoft Embedded
Parasoft Embedded develops and markets embedded development tools and solutions that leverage proven software verification methods to achieve greater productivity, shorter time to market, and significantly fewer software defects. We help developers code smarter and test faster by capturing human intelligence and converting it into repeatable processes.

About Parasoft Corporation
For 20 years, Parasoft has investigated how and why software errors are introduced into applications. Our solutions leverage this research to deliver quality as a continuous process throughout the SDLC. This promotes strong code foundations, solid functional components, and robust business processes. Whether you are delivering Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), evolving legacy systems, or improving quality processes—draw on our expertise and award-winning products to increase productivity and the quality of your business applications.