Barco Introduces DCPB-2000 JPEG 2000 PCI-Express Acceleration Boards

Barco Silex, Barco’s center of competence for electronic design services and embedded video coding, is pleased to announce its new DCPB-2000 family of JPEG 2000 PCI-Express Acceleration boards. Capitalizing on its leadership in real-time and high-definition JPEG 2000 IP cores, this family of boards encodes and decodes JPEG 2000 in real-time. These JPEG2000 solutions will be demonstrated at NAB, Barco Silex Stand C11519F, in the Las Vegas Congress Centre, Las Vegas.

The DCPB-2000 family of boards is able to encode and decode untiled images at HD resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 and DCI formats up to 4K, without compromise on quality. Plugged into a PC, the DCPB-2000 products achieve tremendous acceleration in the JPEG 2000 processing flow, reaching real-time coding of very high resolution pictures, such as digital cinema frames or 1080p video streams. Thanks to their compactness, the boards make an excellent alternative to PC clusters. Moreover, they are built on FPGA technology, offering flexibility and upgradeability, along with a minimized risk of obsolescence versus standard chip based solutions.

The DCPB-2000 can be used for a wide variety of applications such as acquisition, production, archiving, mastering and contribution networks.

“The release of our JPEG 2000 boards completes our portfolio of high-quality, compact and flexible JPEG 2000 solutions, that already included single-chip IP cores licensable for ASIC and FPGA,” said Frédéric Devisch, Director Sales & Marketing of Barco Silex. “The industry has now also access to a complete set of OEM hardware reference designs, boards and software development kits, that have been developed to ensure ease of integration in OEM products.”

Barco Silex has been a leader in JPEG2000 hardware IP cores since 2002. Its history as custom electronic design house (ASIC, FPGA, DSP, BOARD) goes back to 1991 and offers the best guarantee for continuous support throughout the complete lifecycle of products with minimized obsolescence risk.

About Barco
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