ADLINK Announces aTCA-6900 Intel-based AdvancedTCA CPU Blade

ADLINK Technology, Inc.®, a leading provider of trusted embedded products, announced availability of the aTCA-6900, a next-generation AdvancedTCA (ATCA) CPU blade which features the latest Intel® 5100 chipset, two quad-core LV-Xeon processors, and two AMC bays for enhanced performance, integration and flexibility. By incorporating Intel® 64-bit extended memory technology, aTCA-6900 provides telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) with a powerful, cost-effective solution which offers increased memory capabilities, storage and connectivity options.

ADLINK produces high-performance, scalable ATCA hardware at prices that are consistently lower than the competition, thereby enabling TEMs to reduce cost-of-entry for their customers and capitalize on ATCA’s promise of carrier grade, low-cost telecom infrastructure.

“Our years of experience designing ATCA blades has given us the insight necessary to provide a level of integration not yet seen on any ATCA blade in the market,” said Jeff Munch, chief technology officer at ADLINK. “This blade includes telco clocking, dual AMC bays, an Ethernet switch, mezzanine for flexible Fabric Interface and up to eight CPU cores to provide our customers with increased flexibility and integration. The integration of an Ethernet switch on a CPU blade is the first in our industry and provides unparalleled flexibility in interconnecting the eighteen on-card Ethernet ports.”

Leveraging its leadership in ATCA technology, ADLINK’s new aTCA-6900 series of CPU blades supports up to eight CPU cores, outperforming existing market solutions which currently only offer up to four CPU cores. The series also supports a flexible Fabric Interface that includes dual 10GbE Fabric Interfaces, dual PCI-Express Fabric Interfaces, dual Fibre-Channel Fabric Interfaces, two mid-size AMC bays for I/O and/or storage expansion and an on-board 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for flexible traffic routing. Through these features, aTCA-6900 series CPU blades offer both increased density and performance, while providing flexible I/O and storage options.

“Although widely regarded as the leading standard for carrier grade, next generation technology, ATCA has proven too expensive and inaccessible for some industry players and for certain telecom/datacom applications,” said Eric Heikkila, Director of the Embedded Hardware Systems Practice at VDC. “Companies such as ADLINK, however, are allowing TEMs to enter the market through their high performance, low-cost ATCA hardware, like the new aTCA-6900.”

About aTCA-6900
The aTCA-6900 features the latest Intel 5100/ICH9R chipset, with dual 64-bit dual dual-core 2.33GHz LV-Xeon processors with 1.33GHZ FSB and up to 32GB of DDR2-667 REG/ECC. In addition to supporting the latest generation of Intel processors, the design also supports next generation 45nm processors. A flexible riser card support a variety of Fabric Interfaces including PICMG 3.1 option 1/2/4/7/9 or PICMG 3.4. Two single-width AMC.0 Mid-size AdvancedMC bays compliant with AMC.1 P1, AMC.2 E2/Type4, AMC.3 S2. On board storage options include 4GB USB FLASH, 2.5″ SATA/SAS HDD, AMC mounted HDD, and RTM mounted HDD. Front panel I/O includes video, 3x USB 2.0, 2 x RJ-45 Ethernet, RJ-45 serial port.