Artimi A-150 UWB WiMedia MAC Receives Wireless USB Certification

Artimi, developer of high-speed wireless semiconductors for portable consumer electronics, announces that the Artimi A-150 has passed USB-IF compliance for Certified Wireless USB peripheral silicon. The chip is certified as a silicon building block for wireless USB devices, giving manufacturers a head-start on gaining product-level Certified Wireless USB status. Artimi provides manufacturers with application-optimized designs and Zero Install(tm), making the integration of Certified Wireless USB into the latest consumer electronics and peripherals fast and simple.

As a certified silicon component, the Artimi A-150 offers consumer electronics manufacturers improved confidence for consumer product-level Certified Wireless USB certification. With more than two billion legacy wired USB connections in the world today, USB is the de facto standard in the personal computing industry. Using the WiMedia Ultra Wideband (UWB) radio platform, Certified Wireless USB is the new wireless extension to USB that combines the speed and security of wired technology with the ease-of-use of wireless technology.

“Consumers want to easily play and share their music, video and photos on the portable devices and computer peripherals they use everyday, without the hassle of cables, or complicated and slow networks,” says Colin Macnab. “Artimi remains convinced that UWB needs to be ultra simple for consumers to use, as well as ultra simple for manufacturers to integrate. Our integration-friendly technology has gained significant traction with manufacturers by offering a faster time-to-market, and we now have more than 20 different customer products in the works. The Artimi A-150 certification as a Certified Wireless USB silicon building block builds on this by giving OEMs and ODMs simplified certification.”

The ArtimiA-150 is a highly integrated, low power UWB WiMedia MAC with embedded I/O processor offering Ultra Simple Connectivity(tm). Optimized to provide the highest real user throughput and Zero Install, it has been designed for use in PC peripherals, such as storage devices and printers, and power-sensitive consumer electronic devices, including digital still cameras and camcorders. It represents the ideal solution for applications using Certified Wireless USB connectivity, and is shipping now in volume quantities.

About Artimi
Artimi®, Inc. provides semiconductors, software and reference designs for high data-rate wireless connectivity, including Certified Wireless USB, high-speed Bluetooth®, and WiMedia® Logical Link Control Protocol (WLP). Artimi’s products employ WiMedia-based Ultra Wideband (UWB) radio techniques to enable high-speed wireless bulk data transfer between portable consumer electronics products. Content rich portable consumer electronics devices benefit from Artimi’s technology, including digital cameras and camcorders, personal media players, and mobile phone handsets. Artimi, founded in 2002, is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with research and development in Cambridge, UK, and sales offices in Japan and Taiwan.