Sound Design Unveils VOYAGEURII Audio Processing DSP Platform

Sound Design Technologies (SDT), a leading designer and manufacturer of ultra-low power semiconductor solutions for hearing instruments, has launched the VOYAGEURII(tm) series of DSP solutions, consisting of programmable DSP platforms as integrated circuits or packaged hybrids and preconfigured hearing aid solutions. The VOYAGEURII(tm) series will be unveiled this week during AudiologyNOW! in Charlotte, North Carolina.

VOYAGEURII(tm) complements the flexibility of its predecessor, VOYAGEUR(tm), with an extremely current-efficient solution, offering up to a 20% power reduction in comparable implementations. VOYAGEURII(tm) is a powerful programmable multi-processor DSP platform offering 44 MIPS at 2 MHz with clock multiplication options for higher MIPS.

VOYAGEURII’s unique reconfigurable multi-core architecture features a 20-bit high-resolution end-to-end data path, enabling high quality audio processing. Embedded dual-MAC processors, with a customized instruction set and a hardwired filter co-processor, maximize available MIPS while maintaining high current efficiency prevalent in hardwired ASIC implementations.

“VOYAGEURII(tm) is a direct outcome of our customer’s invaluable feedback,” said Dan Carlson, Vice President, Sales and Business Development at SDT. “The matchless flexibility of our VOYAGEUR(tm) platform with targeted minimizations in power consumption will enable our customers to continue providing highly differentiated, competitive products to the hearing industry.”

The VOYAGEURII(tm) platform is supported with the GUIDE(tm) development tools – which offer developers a comprehensive solution for algorithm development; including modeling, debugging, verification and validation.

VOYAGEURII(tm) is ideal for audio-related applications that demand ultra low power consumption, programmable flexibility and compact size. VOYAGEURII(tm) is offered as a lead-free RoHS compliant part in SDT’s miniaturized thinSTAX® hybrid packages. The extremely small form factor of the product (0.215 x 0.124 x 0.067 in3 OR 5.46 x 3.15 x 1.70mm3) allows manufacturers to develop compact product solutions.

About Sound Design Technologies
Sound Design Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of ultra-low power semiconductor solutions for hearing instruments, and a leading provider of advanced high density interconnect technologies used in custom miniaturized 3D Multi-Chip Modules (MCM), System-In-Package (SIP) and Stacked Chip Scale Packages (S-CSP). Founded in 2007 via the acquisition of Gennum Corporation’s Audio Division and Manufacturing Operations, Sound Design Technologies is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, with additional offices in Ottawa.