AXIOMTEK Launches VTA-7570T 5.7-inch Windows CE-based SCADA HMI

AXIOMTEK, a leading supplier of applied computing platforms, is please to launch an advanced 5.7″ fanless HMI solution, the VTA-7570T, equipped with powerful Windows® CE-based SCADA software, the WinPC32 Pro. The VTA-7570T can work with different types of PLCs and PC-based I/O modules in the market. Based on the platform of Windows® CE, it greatly improves problems that traditional HMI have, such as OS compatibility, hardware expansion, operating function and storage performance. The VTA-7570T is a new generation SCADA HMI solution for factory automation, machine maker and semiconductor industry.

Web-enabled HMI Software – WinPC32 Pro
The WinPC32 Pro, Web-enabled human machine interface software, is a Windows-based monitoring solution which runs Windows® CE operating system. Its interface facilitates developing GUI, implementing logic and flow control, and applying commonly used components, such as trend, historical trend, alarm log and security. Drivers library has the communication drivers of all major brands such as Rockwell, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Modicon, Omron, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Fuji PLCs, DCS, temperature controller, etc. The WinPC32 Pro has built-in OPC client to link with equipment with the OPC server. Additionally, the WinPC32 Pro is Web browser enabled that operators may monitor, upload and analyze the status of the entire application through Internet. Moreover, the WinPC32 Pro provides users with a convenient way to build their own application programs, and it allows users to import GIF, flash and Active-X graphic objects and even composes their own custom components as a standard one for future use.

AXIOMTEK VTA-7570T 5.7-inch Windows CE SCADA HMI5.7-inch Windows® CE-based SCADA HMI – VTA-7570T
Featuring a 5.7″ high brightness (450 nits) QVGA LCD with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, the VTA-7570T adopts an ultra low power AMD LX800 500MHz processor and a unique fanless design, which is a rugged HMI solution designed for limited space and heavy-duty environments. With an easy-to-plug CompactFlash(tm) card, the VTA-7570T offers flexible data storage capability. One PC/104 slot and one Mini PCI slot are reserved for expansion. For network connection, the VTA-7570T adopts a LAN port which can receive data through control-level network or upload analyzed data to ERP system through information-level network.

“AXIOMTEK wants to provide customers complete solution with integrated software and hardware, enabling customers to save time on compatibility testing. Thus, our customer can focus on their own domain knowledge and create value-added system to win projects,” said Alex Chiang, Product Manager of Applied Computing Platforms Division at AXIOMTEK. “The VTA-7570T is a reliable PLC-connected HMI product which combines multi-function SCADA software and advanced hardware platform, which can answer to your demands in vertical markets.”

The VTA-7570T adopts a CISC-based CPU, which enables the system to connect many control devices and execute multiple software programs simultaneously. The VTA-7570T also provides users with many different I/O interfaces to enable easy expansibility. Users can use RS-485 port to connect PLC, LAN port to connect remote PC-based module, PC/104 slot to equip with local A/D IO control, and Mini PCI slot for installing WLAN / GPRS / GSM wireless modules. Additionally, it provides a fuse to protect the system from being damaged by over-voltage.

The RoHS compliant product will be available in the end of April, 2008. For more product information, please contact our sales representative at

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