Ricor Cryogenic Acquires InnerSense, Smart Wafer Technology

Ricor Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems, a manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, announced the acquisition of InnerSense Ltd. Ricor thus expands its activities from cryogenic equipment and purging solutions to diagnostic systems. InnerSense has developed the “Smart Wafer” technology that provides engineers the means to record the forces acting on a wafer as it is handled by wafer fabrication equipment. This approach delivers a significant yield boost as it provides a statistical monitoring method for abnormal mechanical events in IC manufacturing and can be used as a cornerstone of an intelligent maintenance program (High Precision Maintenance) by routinely measuring equipment wear in a non invasive approach.

Yigal Tomer and Erez Harel, the InnerSense Co-CEO’s, are pleased with the acquisition. “It is very positive for InnerSense and for our customers and partners,” they explain. “InnerSense will continue to operate as an autonomous business unit within Ricor. Being part of a large company means we have now access to a much wider pool of resources and financial strength, enabling us to develop the best products for the upcoming challenges. We believe this acquisition will enable us to leverage our sales and support organization and capitalize on our technical expertise to expand into an important high-growth segment of the market.”

Ricor and InnerSense are now combining forces to extend the benefits of this technology to the global semiconductor and related markets.

About InnerSense
InnerSense’s core technology, the “Smart Wafer” system, is a revolutionary method for monitoring and troubleshooting the wafer handling equipment based on miniature vibration sensors that are mounted on a test wafer. The company was founded in 2002.

About Ricor
Ricor develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of advanced products & solutions ranging from Cryocoolers for Scientific Instrumentation & Vacuum Cryo Pumps – to – Wafer Storage Purge Systems for the Semiconductor Industry. Founded in 1967, Ricor has steadily advanced with a commitment to quality, innovation & customer-focused solutions.