RoboBusiness Conference Features State of the Art Robots, Robotics

Robotics Trends and EH Publishing announced the onsite activities and promotions of several exhibiting companies for upcoming RoboBusiness Conference & Exposition, taking place April 8-9, 2008 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore a full Expo Floor and meet face-to-face with dozens of the top robotics organizations.

ADVANCED Motion Controls announces new servo drive capabilities, doubling power output without altering mounting footprint. The Z-series family of products has quickly gained popularity in robotic applications. Now with the ability to deliver 1kW continuously, versatility is extended even further. Pre-release versions can be viewed only at RoboBusiness 2008.

Boston Engineering’s FlexStack platform will be used to autonomously control an i-Robot Create module. The robot will freely navigate and interface with RFID tags, which will in turn command the robot to perform different tasks.

BRAINTECH – Booth #104
Braintech will be demonstrating its intelligent vision technology and software products Volts-IQ and eVisionFactory. Used in machine vision, vision recognition and robot guidance applications, Braintech’s technologies enhance processes in manufacturing, logistics, material handling, automation, situational awareness, security, reconnaissance, and edutainment, just to name a few.

CCS ROBOTICS – Booth #116
CCS Robotics will be exhibiting their complete line of autonomous, mobile robots for Security and Healthcare. All versions of the RoboSentry, SpeciMinder, and RoboCourier will be on display as well as videos of deployed robots in hospitals and other commercial facilities. Live demos will be conducted continuously.

COROWARE – Booth #401
CoroWare will offer attendees a hands-on experience using the CoroBot robot development platform. On Tuesday, April 8 at 3:00 you can hear Lloyd Spencer, CEO, discuss the need for flexible and affordable robotic simulation applications and mobile robot platforms.

Elmo Motion Control designs, manufactures and sells machine motion solutions by network based motion controllers and intelligent digital servo drives for brush and brushless motors. Elmo’s drives offer the highest power density in an extremely compact package. Elmo has two major product families, the SimplIQ for superior servo products for industrial environments and the ExtrIQ for durable servo products for extreme conditions.

FOSTER-MILLER, INC. – Booth #201
Foster-Miller, Inc., along with Applied Perception and Automatika, is showcasing its current-model TALON® and Dragon RunnerTM robots, along with its new Universal Digital Control Unit (DCU). The new DCU makes it possible to operate different types and brands of robots with one control unit.

GEARS Educational Systems provides electro-mechanical kits for education. Students design, build, test and learn about robots and other mechatronic devices. Their new Surface Mobility Platform is ideal for outdoor exploration, environmental research, surveillance or even simulated first responder activities.

GOSTAI – Booth #211
With Urbi, Gostai has created a universal software platform, which can be used to design applications that work seamlessly with a large variety of robots, and with significantly reduced development times. Today, more than 10 different robots are compatible with Urbi; industrial companies and more than 30 research labs use Urbi.

HAGISONIC – Booth #306
Hagisonic is showcasing two robot-sensor products — Ultrasonic Sensor, called “AniBat” and Localization Sensor called “StarGazer”. AniBat has about ten times more coverage than any other existing sensor. StarGazer is the most reliable solution for indoor navigation of mobile robots with high accuracy in position and angle.

JETRO / CITY OF OSAKA – Booth #112
JETRO and the City of Osaka are the gateway for your company’s business in Japan, offering premiere access to partnering opportunities in service robotics and advanced technologies.

KAIRA – Booth #408
One robot for everyone beyond one robot in every household.

Visit National Instruments and learn why engineers, scientists and children have embraced NI software and hardware for robotics programming and control. From programming LEGO robots to creating advanced embedded controller applications, see live demonstrations of mobile and autonomous robotics applications using LabVIEW graphical programming and system design.

OceanServer Technology, Inc. manufactures the Iver2 AUV and solutions for OEM customers requiring high performance Lithium Ion battery systems and low cost 3-Axis Digital compasses.

Company Free-Flex® Pivots: Engineered Solutions backed by over 50 years of reliable performance in over 4 million applications.
ENIVORNMENT: With no contacting surfaces or lubrication requirements, our unique limited rotation pivot is ideal in extreme temperatures, pressures, and abrasive/corrosive atmospheres.
ENERGY: With a frictionless precision force, self-centering spring return, and extremely high mechanical energy efficiency, our pivot provides consistent repeatability with low hysteresis.
ECONOMY: Eliminate scheduled maintenance needs and costly downtimes with a pivot that provides infinite life in a wide range of sizes and configurations to fit any application.

SCHUNK Inc., a world leader in workholding, toolholding, and automation technology, designs and manufactures an unmatched selection of industrial automation components including: grippers, rotary actuators, linear actuators, robotic components, sensors and accessories. The product design focus is on reliability, long-life, accuracy and flexibility.

RoboBusiness is the only industry event dedicated to the issue of applying emerging mobile robotics and intelligent systems technology to develop entirely new products and markets, as well as enhance existing solutions and services. The event also addresses sales, marketing and partnering strategies. RoboBusiness will host more than 75 robotics companies on the Expo Floor, 35+ conference sessions, and exclusive networking functions. Conference program Tracks include:

  • Business Development and Partnership
  • Applications and Products
  • Achieving Autonomy
  • Workforce Development
  • RoboMedicus/Healthcare Robotics
  • Security and Defense
  • Intelligent Transportation and Field Robotics
  • First Responder Robotics
  • Consumer Robotics

More info: RoboBusiness Conference & Exposition