Proven Software Solutions Rolls Out Element Control Software Platform

Proven Software Solutions Ltd, the electronics industry’s first independent broker for embedded software, has launched the Element Control Software Platform (ECSP), proven and tested C++ object-oriented IP that provides an application framework for managing tasks such as general purpose input/output, protocol handling, event handling and logging services in a broad range of network-based application systems.

Proven Software Solutions - Element Control Software Platform (ECSP)Proven and tested through its deployment in telecommunications management network (TMN) element systems, the ECSP can be equally well deployed in any network-based systems requiring real-time supervisory, control or data acquisition facilities such as in industrial control (factory automation), security (CCTV), metering (smart meters), avionics, retail (POS), and consumer (STBs, PVRs and games consoles) applications. For example, applications such as TV networks in hotels and set-top boxes need to be managed to alert the system that a pay channel has been requested and for the video-stream to be turned on.

The ECSP has been proven to work on the Freescale MPC750 PowerPC boards and the Intel 80×86 architectures. It runs on the QNX RTOS and communicates using the QNX QNET messaging system but has also been developed to run on Linux and Solaris and so can communicate using any socket like TCP/IP. The ECSP provides a CORBA interface to users.

The ECSP includes a Virtual Hardware Layer which insulates everything in both directions and makes the hardware layer underneath look as the layer above expects. This means that the user can focus on setting up the events needed for the end system. It is event or timing driven and consequently uses less resources and power than a system that continuously interrogates the network elements.

The ECSP has been thoroughly tested and is supplied by Proven Software Solutions as portable, fully documented source code which can be modified and retuned for a user’s own system, thereby drastically reducing the cost, risk and effort involved in developing from scratch. It also comes with get-you-started technical support. Furthermore, Proven Software Solutions’ royalty-free business model means there are no hidden charges.

“The cost of developing a network management software platform of this quality and with this functionality from scratch would be in the region of £300,000,” said Chris Briggs, Managing Director, Proven Software Solutions. “However, we are supplying the fully developed and documented code for a fraction of this price, illustrating the huge benefits of software reuse.”

The source code for the ECSP and other software from Proven Software Solutions is available either for download at the online store or directly from Proven Software Solutions.

About Proven Software Solutions
Proven Software Solutions is the electronics Industry’s first broker of proven embedded enabling software. Much of the embedded code an OEM currently has to write during the development of a new product is enabling software and adds little or no real value to their products. By identifying owners of existing and proven non-differentiating standard function software and providing this IP to other users, PSS enables developers, OEMs and ODMs to maximise their investment and resources while reducing their risk, cost and time to market.