Embedded Masterclass 2008

For embedded engineers working with Linux or considering using Linux, the Embedded Masterclass 2008 is turning into a ‘one stop event’ for Realtime and Embedded Linux. Some of the world’s leading technology vendors will be available to discuss such topics as commercial Linux operating systems, debugging tools for Linux development, in-memory database solutions for Linux systems and even a hands-on workshop that will enable engineers to get Linux up and running on ARM target hardware.

The Embedded Masterclass 2008 is to be held in London on the 8th May and in Bristol on the 13th May and will feature a wide range of embedded development tools, software and technologies.

“We’re delighted by the response so far,” said Richard Blackburn, event organiser. “The Linux workshop at the London event is close to being sold out and the numbers at the Bristol event are also looking very good. ” Although the event covers a broad range of technologies, from 3D modeling software for enclosure design through to DSP clustering and software timing analysis, the inclusion of the Embedded Linux workshop seems to have really given the event a bit of a boost.”

In addition to the workshops there will be various presentations including one by MontaVista regarding ‘realtime in Linux’; also, Lauterbach will be running a live demonstration of debugging Linux, and Enea will be available to demonstrate their Polyhedra in-memory database for Linux. Specialist training company Feabhas will be undertaking the workshops.

“The intention of the Embedded Masterclass has always been to be a relaxed, non-sales forum for engineers to learn about the latest in embedded systems technology,” said Richard. “In this respect it’s proven very popular and is now in its 6th year. It’s grown year on year and this year it is shaping up to be the best so far. We make sure that the agenda of presentations are technology focused, rather than sales oriented, and we have a tabletop exhibition where we ask the vendors to send along their engineers, so they can do live demonstrations and discuss the technology at an engineering level.”

Sponsors of the event include Altera, Telelogic, MontaVista, Enea, Lauterbach, SDC Systems and a number of other leaders in the field of embedded development technology. Registration for each event is free to embedded engineers and technology managers. Early registration is recommended, as places are limited. There is a £95 fee for the Embedded Linux Workshop, which will run in parallel with the morning agenda of presentations.

“We are really pleased to be exhibiting at the Embedded Masterclass once again,” said Barry Lock of Lauterbach. “We’ll have a live demonstration of debugging Linux running on ARM and PowerPC cores. We will be showing how to use a mixture of run mode and stop mode techniques to find even obscure bugs within the code. We’ll be able to show how trace technology can reduce debugging time by 75%, with tools available to support most processor types in the embedded market.”

More information: Embedded Masterclass