Power.org Announces Power Architecture Conferences in Europe

Power.org, the open organization that develops and promotes Power Architecture(tm) technology, announced it would host Power Architecture Conferences in Munich, Germany, on May 26–27 and in Paris, France, on May 29–30. The organization also shared plans to host additional conferences in China, Japan and Taiwan in October.

“Power.org’s members have reported strong interest in Power Architecture technology in Europe and Asia, so we’re taking our conference program to these regions to raise people’s understanding of the technology platform and to hopefully expand our market footprint,” said Power.org Marketing Committee Chair Fawzi Behmann. “Europe and Asia are important to the continued growth of our technology platform, which has really accelerated in the past couple of years.”

A recent report by IDC showed that the Power Architecture processing platform is growing significantly faster than comparable embedded processor architectures and is positioned to continue its explosive growth well into the future.

“We expect our conferences to accelerate Power Architecture technology adoption and to create a rallying point for the large user base we’ve already developed in Europe and Asia,” said Mike Paczan, co-chair of Power.org’s Technical Committee. “These conferences are designed to bring the latest Power Architecture expertise, technology and training to design teams around the world as they race to develop next-generation systems.”

At each of the five conferences, engineering managers, system architects and product developers will gain practical information on the Power Architecture processing platform that can be applied immediately to next-generation product designs. Attendees will gain access to the latest Power Architecture product roadmaps, learn about standards and technology updates, and benefit from in-depth training on Power Architecture products. The conferences also present unique opportunities for attendees to meet or strengthen relationships with other business leaders and technical experts from within the Power Architecture community.

These free events, sponsored in part by Freescale, IBM and Virtutech, will take place over one and one-half days. The first half-day features executive presentations and networking, and the second full day offers a choice of educational tracks on Power Architecture products and technology standards. All attendees can attend panel discussions about virtualization, multicore programming and other important issues facing the Power Architecture technology platform. The preliminary agenda includes:

Day 1

  • Executive overview of the Power Architecture platform, including forecasts for target markets and areas of strategic technology investment
  • Product roadmap presentations from major Power Architecture silicon providers, including AMCC, Freescale and IBM
  • Technology roadmaps from tools and software providers
  • Evening reception and networking

Day 2

  • Technical exchange, specification overviews, education and product training sessions, and networking
  • Vendor exhibits and product demonstrations

About Power.org
Power Architecture technology is behind millions of innovative products, including the world’s fastest supercomputers, leading video game consoles, and electronic systems in most of today’s car models. Every phone call, email and Web page touches hundreds of Power Architecture systems. The Power.org community, formed in 2005, is the open organization driving collaborative innovation around Power Architecture technology. Power.org’s mission is to optimize interoperability, accelerate innovation and drive increased adoption of this leading processor architecture.

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