Vimicro Introduces VC0343 Embedded Web Camera Processor

Vimicro International Corporation (Nasdaq: VIMC), a leading fabless semiconductor company that designs advanced mixed-signal multimedia products and solutions, announced the launch of its latest Web camera processor, VC0343, targeting laptop embedded applications. With Vimicro’s accumulated rich experience in Web camera processor design, VC0343 can not only reduce the power consumption and the package size of a chip, but also has excellent compatibility and design flexibility.

“The market for laptop embedded camera modules is rapidly growing,” said Dr. Mike Yu, Vice President of Vimicro. “The design of VC0343 is optimized specifically for the requirements of laptop embedded camera modules. Some excellent features such as low power consumption and compact size are very suitable for laptop embedded applications, making the camera module an essential component for the standard configuration of a laptop.”

As a result of the new design, VC0343 can significantly reduce the power consumption and the package size of a chip. The lower power consumption makes the laptop’s battery life longer and reduces the camera module’s heat. Therefore, the camera can provide stable and clear video without the sensor’s hot noise which is generated by the working camera. VC0343′s compact size (6.5 x 5mm) allows the camera modules to be easily embedded into laptops’ LCD panel and keeps the laptop slim.

VC0343 has outstanding performance on compatibility and design flexibility. VC0343 is able to work well with the latest operating systems and PC hardware platforms. Having adopted OTP (One Time Programmable ROM) and Firmware Patch technologies, VC0343 offers great flexibility for manufacturers to design the camera module. The OTP technology enables VC0343 to upgrade the Firmware easily. Vimicro’s innovative Firmware Patch technology allows the camera module manufacturers to make partial modifications to the firmware through external EEPROM memory even after OTP replication is completed.

The quality of VC0343′s output video stream upholds the high standards of Vimicro’s Web camera processor. With the integrated CMOS sensor interface and programmable sensor master clock output, VC0343 can support the CMOS sensor with resolution of up to 2 Mega pixels. Furthermore, VC0343 is fully compliant with the USB 2.0 High-Speed (HS) protocol and the USB Video Class (UVC) 1.0 standard. With powerful image processing capabilities and high-speed transmission performance, VC0343 can provide smooth and clear video, and bring a new and enhanced experience to laptop users.

About Vimicro
Vimicro International Corporation is a leading fabless semiconductor company in China designing, developing and marketing proprietary digital multimedia signal processing chips and solutions enabling multimedia applications for mobile phones over 2.5G/3G networks and PCs over broadband Internet.