MSC Vertriebs Acquires ABLE Design

MSC Vertriebs GmbH in Stutensee has acquired the majority stake in ABLE Design GmbH. In addition to sales of standard assemblies with TFT, electroluminescent and plasma displays, ABLE Design GmbH, which was founded in 1994 and is located in Munich, focuses mainly on the design of high-quality, customer-specific display solutions. In 2007, the company with twelve employees achieved revenues of 4.5 million Euros.

As early as 1995, ABLE Design was the first company to offer a fully digitally controlled plasma display. The company’s display specialists in Munich were also way ahead of their European competition in “Long-Distance LVDS-Interface” for digital displays, as a forerunner of today’s LDI or DVI standards. Today, ABLE Design is one the leading European suppliers of flat-panel display systems for the industrial market.

According to Manfred Schwarztrauber, managing director of MSC, the longstanding consulting and design expertise of ABLE Design in the fields of display technology, glass filters, interfaces, display controllers und housing technology complements in an ideal way the current display portfolio of the MSC Group. “Meanwhile, MSC und Gleichmann Electronics are among the largest distributors of displays in Europe. Obviously, the expectation of our customers is correspondingly high. An increasing number of customers not only want TFTs, LCDs, LCD modules or OLEDs, but preferably want to purchase the complete solution from us. However, despite their exceptional in-depth technical know-how, the focus of MSC Vertriebs GmbH and Gleichmann Electronics has, and always will be, classic components distribution. Thereby, ABLE Design’s display specialists help MSC Vertriebs GmbH and Gleichmann Electronics to continue to concentrate to a large extent on this core competence.”

Nowadays, most displays are supplied with customer-specific controllers or other user-specific modifications. With the support of Displaign Elektronik & Design GmbH in Munich, which is also part of the MSC Group, even complete controller designs can be implemented. The stake in ABLE-Design now closes all, as yet, open gaps. “From individual LEDs to sophisticated industrial displays right up to complete flat-panel display terminals for manufacturing equipment, vehicles and airports, there is now nothing that we could not deliver to the specific requirements of our customers,” says Manfred Schwarztrauber.

Gert H. von Steinaecker, managing director of ABLE Design, also sees this as a win-win situation for all parties. “In times of globalization, to be successful a company would be well advised to concentrate on its core competencies. The MSC Group’s design specialists benefit from the knowledge, experience and our reputation in several special fields. On the other hand, the commitment of MSC, a competent partner with 25 years market establishment, brings to ABLE Design, a small technology oriented company, completely new possibilities in the area of sales as well as national and international logistics.”

According to Manfred Schwarztrauber and Gert H. von Steinaecker, ABLE Design will, for the most part, continue as an autonomous company under its own name. “The philosophy of the MSC Group has always been characterized not only by quality and reliability, but particularly through continuity. The stake in ABLE Design will not change this,” says Manfred Schwarztrauber. The earnestness of both founders and veterans of the electronic industry with respect to continuity is underlined by the announcement of Gert H. von Steinaecker to be available as managing director of the company for a minimum of another three years. “Nobody closes an exciting book after only just having opened the second chapter.”

About MSC Vertriebs GmbH
MSC Vertriebs GmbH is a European-wide service company in the field of electronic components, board-level products, and customer specific development of industrial hardware. Founded in 1982, the MSC Vertriebs GmbH operates today as a pan-European distributor and manufacturer in a consolidated company with over 1100 employees. Products requiring extensive technical support, such as COM Express(tm), ETX® components, EXM 32, microcontrollers & tools, programmable logic & tools, ASICs, industrial motherboards, power and linear products, displays, optoelectronics, as well as memory modules are our specialty and make MSC one of the leading companies for high-tech solutions. MSC distinguishes itself distinctly from its competitors with its competent applications and development engineers, as well as its design capacity for hardware, ASICs, and BIOS. The regional location to its suppliers and the consistent approach toward new technologies guarantee a high level of competency for its customers.

About ABLE Design GmbH
ABLE Design GmbH was founded in 1994 in Munich, Germany. The company specializes in industrial display systems with flat-panel displays. The most important part of its product portfolio is standard assemblies with TFT, electroluminescent and plasma displays. In addition, for special requirements ABLE Design also offers customer-specific design of complete display modules in different display technologies with touchpad and integrated processor.