VideoMining Announces VMX Chip for Measuring Demographics, Behavior

VideoMining Corporation announced that their R&D group has completed the development of a chip named VMX for automatically measuring the behavior and demographics (gender, age range, and ethnicity) of people in public places. The hardware technology FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) was employed to implement VideoMining’s proven and patented video analysis algorithms that have been leading the market in shopper intelligence since 2005. The VMX chip embeds the complete video-based measurement solution in hardware, making it very attractive for a variety of applications.

“It is a very powerful solution that is going to push our in-store measurement capabilities to the next level,” said Satish Mummareddy, CTO of VideoMining. “Packaging the video sensor and processing unit into an extremely small form factor makes it non-intrusive and easy to deploy. The use of special-purpose FPGA technology instead of general-purpose computers leads to huge cost savings.”

“VideoMining is committed to bringing the very best technology to the market. This development is another demonstration of our leadership in video analytics,” said Rajeev Sharma, Founder & CEO of VideoMining. “We are excited by the potential of this technology to enable large scale deployments of video-based measurement devices in retail and other markets such as homeland security, digital signage and business intelligence.”

The R&D was the result of a three-year effort that was partially funded by Pittsburgh’s Technology Collaborative through two grants. In addition to the researchers at VideoMining, the project involved several outside consultants, including Professor Vijay Narayanan from the hardware group at The Pennsylvania State University.

VideoMining is filing for multiple U.S. patents for the technologies that went into VMX development.

About VideoMining Corporation
VideoMining Corporation is a leading provider of in-store intelligence for shopper marketing. VideoMining helps consumer brands, retailers and their marketing partners gain quantitative insights on shopping behavior. These insights help in planning, testing, and monitoring responses to marketing and merchandising strategies. VideoMining’s powerful measurement platform is based on patented, proprietary software for converting in-store video into rich data on shopper behavior and demographics. Headquartered in State College, PA, VideoMining has a growing international presence through a network of partners, affording marketers The Power to See More(tm).