hueggenberg Announces DSP for FPGAs Technical Course

hueggenberg gbr, the experts for technical training courses, announced the upcoming short course on “DSP for FPGAs” presented in Munich on April 15th to 18th, 2008. The topic is digital signal processing for programmable logic technology. “There is a large demand for professional training in this field. We receive numerous inquiries”, describes Joachim Hüggenberg, managing director with hueggenberg gbr. “The participants of the recent courses are enthusiastically about the technical course DSP for FPGAs. This is the result of the absolutely positive discussions and excellent evaluation.”

This course is organised by hueggenberg gbr and presented by Steepest Ascent Ltd, who have more than 10 years of experience in the delivery of professional training. The 4 day intensive course is coordinated by Prof. Bob Stewart with the assistance of the team at Steepest Ascent and in cooperation with the Institute for System Level Integration (iSLI). The technical course will present and examine the use of FPGAs for DSP algorithms, applications and architectures and will feature the entire software design flow from concept and bit true simulation, to actual hardware implementation. Special attention is paid to practical experience; after each presentation a hands-on session will follow in which attendees will be able to simulate and implement the structures and architectures introduced.

Each attendee will receive a comprehensive set of notes and examples for in depth study after the course. Lectures about this topic have been successfully presented every year in the USA at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) since 2002, and at ISLI since 2004 as well as on-site to a number customers.

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Background DSP for FPGAs
FPGAs with DSP functionality are a rapidly growing market with vast potential. They target a broad field of applications including industrial, automotive, communication systems, broadcast video SD/HD, image processing, infotainment, radar, sonar and security systems. Furthermore, the growing requirements for processing speeds of the order of 10-100 billions of operations per second, the need for rapid prototyping and software definable architectures will further the penetration of FPGAs into the DSP communication market.

About hueggenberg
hueggenberg gbr assists high technology companies in the strategic market launch of their services and products. The experts provide sales activities throughout Europe as well as a complete portfolio of national and international marketing and public relations services. This is achieved through their understanding of the importance of networking and communication for a successful expansion in existing and new markets.

About Steepest Ascent
Steepest Ascent provide digital signal processing solutions in the form of consultancy services, training courses and simulation products. They have built a successful business on their extensive knowledge of DSP, particularly in the area of digital communications. Steepest Ascent have a blue chip client list and the customers have benefited greatly from their capabilities in system level design, software development, digital hardware design / implementation and on-site training. Steepest Ascent simulation products include software libraries for 3G, CDMA2000, Adaptive DSP and automatic HDL code generation.