IEC Reveals Winners of 2008 DesignCon Paper Awards

The International Engineering Consortium honored the best authors in the electronic design community with the prestigious 2008 DesignCon Paper Award. The DesignCon Paper Awards serve to acknowledge the winning authors as leading practitioners in semiconductor and electronic design. The Awards also provide incentive to authors to produce high-quality DesignCon papers and present them in a lucid and compelling manner at the event.

This year’s winning papers were presented as part of the 2008 DesignCon educational program, which consisted of more than 120 sessions taking place over four days at the Santa Clara Convention Center last month.

2008 Paper Award Winners include the following authors and papers in their respective categories:

Chip-Level Design Category

  • Gary McCormack, Eric Sweetman and Ian Kyles, “Design and Application of Embedded Waveform Viewing Technology for Integrated Circuits”
  • Vishram S. Pandit, Woong Hwan Ryu, Kirupa Pushparaj, Sankalp Ramanujam and Farag Fattouh, “Simulation and Characterization of GHz On-Chip Power Delivery Network (PDN)”

Functional and Performance Verification Category

  • Adnan Hamid, “Hope Is Not a (Verification) Strategy – Coverage Model Driven Functional Scenario Generation”

Board and System Design Category

  • Chad Morgan, “Solutions for Causal Modeling and A Technique for Measuring Causal, Broadband Dielectric Properties”
  • Ralf Schmitt, Joong-Ho Kim, Woopoung Kim, Dan Oh, June Feng, Chuck Yuan, Lei Luo and John Wilson, “Analyzing the Impact of Simultaneous Switching Noise on System Margin in Gigabit Single-Ended Memory Systems”

Interconnect Design Category

  • Dan Oh, Woopoung Kim, Joong-Ho Kim, John Wilson, Ralf Schmitt, Chuck Yuan, Lei Luo, Jade Kizer, John Eble and Fred Ware, “Study of Signal and Power Integrity Challenges in High-Speed Memory I/O Designs Using Single-Ended Signaling Schemes”
  • Fangyi Rao, Chad Morgan, Sanjeev Gupta and Vuk Borich, “The Need for Impulse Response Models and an Accurate Method for Impulse Generation from Band-Limited S-Parameters”

High-Speed and RF Design Category

  • Dong G. Kam, Troy J. Beukema, Young H. Kwark, Lei Shan, Xiaoxiong Gu, Petar K. Pepeljugoski and Mark B. Ritter, “Multi-Level Signaling in High-Density, High-Speed Electrical Links”
  • Jim Nadolny, Julian Ferry and Cesar Arroyo, “Mode Conversion and EMI Performance of Shielded Cable Assemblies for 10 Gbps Data Transmission”

Test and Measurement Category

  • Heidi Barnes, Jose Moreira, Michael Comai, Abraham Islas, Francisco Tamayo-Broes, Mike Resso, Antonio Ciccomancini, Orlando Bell and Ming Tsai, “Performance at the DUT: Techniques for Evaluating the Performance of an ATE System at the Device Under Test Socket”

Next year’s DesignCon takes place at the same venue, the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, from February 2-5 with Mr. James Lin, vice president of the technology infrastructure group at National Semiconductor Corporation as the 2009 conference chair.

More info: International Engineering Consortium