Numenta Announces Hierarchical Temporal Memory Developer Workshop

Numenta is pleased to announce the inaugural Numenta HTM Workshop, a developer workshop dedicated to exploring Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) and the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC). The workshop, to be hosted at the SRI campus in Menlo Park, will begin with an evening reception on June 23, 2008, and will continue on June 24, 2008. NuPIC is a new computing platform that implements a hierarchical temporal memory system (HTM) modeled after the human neocortex.

The Numenta HTM Workshop is targeted towards a technical audience. Attendees should be engineers and developers who either already have an understanding of HTM theory and NuPIC or are interested in learning. For those developers unfamiliar with NuPIC, a three hour “jump-start” program will be offered the afternoon of June 23rd. An evening reception will follow for all attendees, and include a poster session for Numenta developers to share their works-in-progress.

“Numenta is committed to creating and supporting an open, collaborative developer community,” said Numenta CEO Donna Dubinsky. “Our first workshop is designed to help our current developers advance their projects, and to inspire new developers to work on the many difficult problems that HTM technology will be capable of solving. The workshop will be informative, instructive and, we hope, a lot of fun.”

Numenta is pleased to have several members of the Numenta Partner Program (NPP) including EDSA, Lockheed Martin, Nurien, Qualia Labs, SRI, and Vitamin D, join it in hosting the first Numenta HTM Workshop.

The Numenta HTM Workshop will feature a keynote address by Numenta co-founder, Jeff Hawkins, who in 2004 co-authored with Sandra Blakeslee a book about brain theory titled On Intelligence that articulated his theory of HTM. Briefly, HTMs build models of the world from exposure to sensory data. These models capture both the spatial and temporal hierarchy of causes in the world and offer the promise of solving many difficult problems in machine learning, machine vision and data mining. Information on the HTM theory and the technology, as well as a downloadable version of the NuPIC platform and training materials, are available at online.

Early bird registration to the workshop is $150 prior to May 1, 2008. Academic registration also is available for $50. Space is limited.

About Numenta
Numenta was founded in 2005 by computer industry veterans Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky (founders of Palm Computing and Handspring), along with Stanford graduate student Dileep George. The Company has developed the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC), a next-generation computing platform based on the theory of the neocortex first described in Hawkins 2004 book On Intelligence. Numenta is based in Menlo Park, California.