Rapita Rolls Out RapitaTime 2.0 for Real-Time Embedded Software

Rapita Systems Ltd, leaders in measurement based worst-case execution time analysis, announce the release of RapiTime 2.0; a comprehensive toolset for performance profiling and worst-case execution time analysis of real-time embedded software. Within real-time computer systems, understanding, verifying, and improving software timing performance is a critical issue, especially in industries such as avionics, telecommunications, space, and automotive. RapiTime 2.0 is a powerful, Eclipse based tool that will help engineers address software timing challenges, enabling them to develop better systems.

“RapiTime 2.0 enables a systematic and scientific approach to ensuring that time constraints are met,” said Stuart Parker of SDC Systems, Rapita’s UK distributor. “It allows engineers to build timing correctness into their system, the result is a much reduced time to market combined with enhanced reliability.”

RapitaTime 2.0 for Real-Time Embedded SoftwareBeyond providing an in-depth understanding of software timing behaviour, RapiTime 2.0 adds the capability to target optimisation effort precisely where it will have the maximum benefit. Using the advanced features of RapiTime 2.0, engineers can discover the extent to which different software components contribute to the worst-case (often very different from their contribution to the average case), identify worst-case hotspots, and select the best opportunities for source code optimisation.

“RapiTime 2.0 also adds the capability to answer “what-if” questions about achievable performance gains; enabling the headroom for new functionality to be accurately assessed.” said Guiem Bernat, CEO of Rapita Systems, “Exploiting this advanced capability will allow engineers to leverage their efforts, obtaining disproportionately large reductions in overall execution times through optimisations targeted at a tiny proportion of the overall software. The result is an elimination of timing overruns, and the efficient creation of headroom for new functionality, without the need for costly and time-consuming hardware upgrades.”
For further insight into how effective RapiTime is, engineers can download a copy of the RapiTime BAE Systems Experience Report.

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About Rapita Systems Ltd.
Rapita Systems Ltd is a specialist in the worst-case execution time analysis and performance profiling of real-time embedded systems for the avionics, telecommunications, space, and automotive electronics markets. Its innovative RapiTime product makes Rapita Systems the leader in measurement-based worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis solutions.