Interface Masters Debuts Niagara 2298 Modular Intelligent Network Bypass

Interface Masters Technologies, an industry leader and innovator in networking solutions, introduced at the CeBIT show its advanced Modular Intelligent External Network Bypass system for the In-line Network Appliance market. This innovative Modular Intelligent Network Bypass has extensive management capabilities and allows flexibility by supporting four independent interface segments in various combinations. Each segment, copper, single mode fiber and multi-mode fiber offers full Bypass functionality, without interrupting the communication session. This includes re-routing the networking traffic automatically upon the need to take an in-line network appliance off the network for maintenance, or perform failover in case of malfunction due to software crash or power failure. The unique design and its Telco Grade quality, Carrier Class elevate the network reliability to the next level and enable avoiding interruption in internet communications session.

“Following the recent introduction of our first Intelligent External Network Bypass, Niagara 2297, Interface Masters is committed to continuously develop high performance and innovative failover devices to answer the market needs,” said Ben Askarinam, Senior VP at Interface Masters Technologies. “We are pleased to introduce the advanced Niagara 2298, powerful Modular Intelligent Network Bypass product, which enables graceful failover of in-line networking appliances. This modular Bypass features extreme flexibility and supports a mix of interfaces including copper to fiber conversion, which provides significant savings to the customers whenever fiber support is required.”

The Niagara 2298 Modular Intelligent Network Bypass guarantees uninterrupted network on each of its four segments, in spite of power failures or system crash. This solution increases dramatically the internet service reliability and reduces the network down time. The Niagara 2298 system is currently being evaluated by customers such as Telcos and by major security in-line networking appliances OEM vendors. The Network Bypass system offers IT managers and Service Providers the ability to proactively disconnect Networking Appliances and put them offline. This function is needed in order to update the hardware/ firmware or upload new rules and signatures, for example Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Unified Threat Management, WAN acceleration, Firewall, e-mail server, Load balancer, and VPN gateway.

The Niagara 2298 Modular Intelligent Network Bypass is feature-rich and provides the following capabilities:

  • Supports up to four modules in any combination of Copper, MM Fiber and SM fiber
  • Cost-effective flexibility – allows copper to fiber conversion capability which reduces cost of fiber optics support
  • Supports 10/100/1000 base, 1 Giga bit, TX (Copper), SX (Multi mode) & LX (Single mode)
  • Supports Test Access Port (TAP), which is primarily used for optimizing the IT managers’ ability to easily and passively monitor network links. The TAP port can be programmed per the segment that it monitors
  • Plug and play system installation – due to its self generating heartbeat no drivers or additional software installation are required
  • Active bypass capabilities that provide maximum flexibility and guarantees an uninterrupted communications session while its passive bypass capabilities provide maximum reliability
  • Two redundant external power supplies for maximum up-time
  • Very low power consumption due to efficient power design
  • Fan-less system design, which guarantees greater reliability
  • Extensive management capabilities including support for WEB GUI, HTTPS, SNMP, e-mail notifications, and Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Niagara 2298 system is available now and is targeted at Internet Service Providers (ISP), Telcos, and OEMs at the critical IT sector requiring Security, UTM market, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Intrusion Detection & Prevention and WAN Acceleration. Interface Masters Technologies is showcasing the Modular Intelligent Bypass system and its complete product lines at CeBIT 2008, Hanover, Germany March 4-8, Hall 13 Stand D34 Booth #A4.

About Interface Masters Technologies
Interface Masters Technologies is an industry leader and innovator in networking solutions. Established in 1997, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Interface Masters Technologies is privately held, profitable and growing at a rate of 30% per year (2004 – YTD). Interface Masters Technologies’ flagship product lines include internal, external and intelligent Network bypass and failover systems that are targeted to increase the network reliability and availability of inline networking appliances. The company offers a variety of more than 70 products based on Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, copper and fibber-optic, specifically targeted at the critical IT sector requiring Security, UTM systems, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Intrusion Detection & Prevention and WAN Acceleration appliances. Company Headquarters is in San Jose, California with offices in Hong Kong, Germany and UK.