IGEL Technology Upgrades Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Firmware

IGEL Technology, one of the world’s leading thin client vendors, announced its latest Windows® XP Embedded firmware upgrade enhancing the broadest and most powerful range of thin clients on the market. The firmware allows full virtual desktop access via the Leostream Connection Broker, allowing organizations using virtual PC’s based on VMware’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) standard to use any Windows XPe model from IGEL’s award-winning product line.

“The introduction of our latest Windows XPe image means that all of our 20 thin client models allow access to virtual PCs using VMware’s VDI standard,” said Stephen Yeo, worldwide strategic marketing director for IGEL Technology. “IGEL now offers the broadest range of VDI compatible thin clients from a single manufacturer and the ability to rapidly introduce new digital services like the VDI standard. This provides our customers with a broad selection of access protocols for their entire server based needs and is a testament to our digital service strategy.”

Windows XPe gives users a broad range of digital services and full Microsoft compatibility to compliment their virtual desktop. The image contains Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft Media Player, PDF readers and Java on most models, allowing users to deliver certain server-based applications outside the virtual PC connection. This helps organizations reduce server load while enhancing the user desktop experience.

The firmware also includes the latest Microsoft RDP 6.0 client which supports resource redirection for a broad set of plug-and-play devices. Additionally, the new Microsoft RDP version supports spanning a single remote session across multiple displays and visual improvements including support for 32-bit color and font smoothing.

The IGEL XPe firmware helps users by intelligently placing application windows automatically in one of the four displays on IGEL’s PanaVeo thin client. This makes using a multi-screen Windows desktop very fast and easy for people, such as financial traders, to use.

Finally, IGEL has enhanced security with the option of disabling specific USB devices in any supported IGEL XPe device using either the local setup manager or remotely with the IGEL Remote Management Suite. This feature involves a simple mouse click with no scripting and helps administrators to drastically reduce the risk of data theft from their network.

The IGEL Windows XP Embedded firmware is immediately available.

About IGEL Technology
IGEL Technology is the world’s number four thin client vendor and is market leader in its home country of Germany (Q3 2007 IDC). The company produces the industry’s widest range of thin clients, based on Linux and Microsoft Windows, giving customers access to the richest set of digital services through the very powerful, IGEL designed, firmware. Form factors include traditional desktops, mobile tablets, integrated LCD units, quad screens and PC to thin client conversion cards. All IGEL thin clients come with the bundled, easy to use, IGEL Remote Management software, giving you maximum remote control with the minimum cost and hassle. IGEL supports the broadest set of digital services including terminal emulation, web, ICA, RDP, Virtual Desktops (VDI), Java and native SAP. All devices support smart cards for maximum security and this includes integration with Citrix Password Manager’s Hot Desktop allowing sub 10 second boot times for roaming workers.