Magwel Acquires Kimotion Technologies

Magwel NV, a leading provider of electronic 3D device-EM simulation and analysis tools, announced the acquisition of Kimotion Technologies (Leuven, Belgium). Kimotion was founded in 2003 to develop software technology for modeling, optimizing and verifying analog, RF and mixed-signal circuits. Magwel also announced it has secured Series A funding from Innovacom and Quest for Growth. The company welcomed four members to the board of directors: Innovacom’s Jerome Lecoeur, Quest for Growth’s Katrin Geyskens, and EDA industry veterans Jacques Benkoski and James Spoto.

The entire Kimotion engineering team has joined Magwel. The acquisition enhances Magwel’s ability to respond to customer demand for electronic design automation tools that manage the complexity of 65 nanometer and 45nm analog and RF designs.

“A statistical approach to design, accompanied by powerful optimization tools, has become essential to achieving high yield in a reasonable time frame and enable cost-effective process migration and retargeting of designs,” said Dundar Dumlugol, chairman and CEO of Magwel. “By integrating the Kimotion optimization technology with our 3D simulation tools, we will be able to provide a broader and more robust design and verification toolset for new generation process technologies.”

About Magwel NV
Magwel is a leading provider of integrated 3D device-EM simulation and analysis products for ICs. Its tools are used by device modeling engineers and library developers to characterize and model active devices as well as on-chip passives from GDSII layout with unprecedented accuracy. Magwel’s customers include large semiconductor companies in Europe and the U.S.