Softmaxx Unveils Linkmaxx Embedded Product for Wireless Modem Control

Softmaxx Inc., of Raleigh, NC announces the release of Version 1.0 of its Linkmaxx-embedded product (LME). LME is a remote device software module that provides wireless data modem control and solves wireless data network problems through a common, easy-to-use application program interface (API). LME is the first independent software package designed to work out-of-the-box with all major wireless data modems in the market bringing new levels of independence and cost control to developers and users of wireless data solutions.

Ian Johnson, CEO of Softmaxx, said, “With the release of Linkmaxx-embedded we will help to open up wireless data solutions to a larger range of applications by removing all of the risk and complexity, and most of the cost, associated with developing reliable wireless communication systems. Designers can now start out with a software package certified for the communication hardware that best suits their project and give full attention to the application that delivers the business value. In addition, we have been able to build years of wireless data experience into the product to facilitate handling real world problems and error conditions that will occur once the application is in the field, so our customers will get a lot more than just development and debug benefits.”

LME comes with a PC based development tool that allows customers to immediately send and receive messages from the modem they have selected through a serial connection, a user’s guide, full API documentation, and customer support. LME can be purchased as a one-time production license or as a short-term pilot license, the cost of which will be credited to a full production license if the system is deployed. Annual maintenance and higher levels of technical support are also available.

About Softmaxx
Softmaxx is a U.S. owned and operated company devoted to producing a family of software products that support all facets of wireless data communications including; data aggregation, security, network monitoring and network management. To learn more about us, and Linkmaxx-embedded, call us at +1 919 424 4421.