Olympus Adopts VaST CoMET Virtual Platform Development

VaST Systems, the leader in electronics virtualization, announced that Olympus Corporation has selected VaST’s CoMET as the development tool for advanced research activities for their next-generation LSI design and implementation. Olympus evaluated and selected CoMET with the goal of achieving improvements in design quality at the earliest stage of system LSI development.

CoMET provides the combination of high speed, and cycle accuracy in a platform development environment that accelerates electronic systems development. Unlike conventional processor simulators such as instruction-set simulators, CoMET allows system design and simulation with speed and accuracy characteristics similar to real hardware.

This virtual environment combining high speed and cycle accuracy allows both LSI designers and software developers to perform early system integration.

Michio Ishii, General Manager for the SOC Technology Department, Digital Platform Technology Division, of Olympus said, “We evaluated VaST’s CoMET and acknowledge the speed and accuracy of its virtual-prototype simulation. VaST technology allows us to perform hardware and software integration testing before the availability of prototype boards or LSIs. We expect that we can accomplish reductions in both total development time and project risk by quality verification of the hardware/software system in-depth at the early system integration and testing stage.”

Alain Labat, CEO of VaST Systems said, “Olympus’ selection of CoMET is an acknowledgement of our unique technology value and industry support for our products. We are confident that VaST solutions will significantly contribute to streamlining Olympus’s system LSI development flow that supports their imaging and medical products.”

About Olympus
Olympus Corporation is a global leading manufacturer in “opto-digital” technology, a complete mixture of traditional optical and advanced digital technology. Olympus pioneers development of products in the field of digital imaging for such products as microscopes, endoscopes, and digital cameras. Olympus was founded in 1919 and the headquartered is located in Tokyo.

About VaST
VaST drives electronics virtualization. VaST fundamentally changes the electronics industry by breaking the dependency on hardware prototypes. With VaST, electronics companies develop virtual system prototypes—timing-accurate, high-speed simulation models of their electronic systems—for use in design and supply chain enablement. Using virtualization, customers develop software before hardware and enable early software development by ecosystem partners which cuts time-to-market by 8 months or more. VaST’s customers include worldwide leaders in automotive, consumer, and wireless markets. VaST is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with sales and support offices worldwide.