Embedded Masterclass Features Linux Powered Devices

A key feature of this year’s UK Embedded Masterclass is a workshop dedicated to using the Linux operating system on embedded devices. Working with an ARM processor, the workshop will be a combination of theory and practice that will give delegates an insight into the working of Linux in the embedded environment. The Embedded Masterclass will be held in London on the 8th May 2008, and again at Bristol on the 13th May.

“The open source nature of Linux has made it a big hit with engineers,” said Richard Blackburn, event organiser. “Being able to get ‘under the bonnet’ of the software holds a lot of attraction for engineers and we have already received a number of registrations for this workshop, places are going fast.”

The workshop is to be run by Feabhas, a recognised leader in embedded systems training. Feabhas work with many of the UK’s leading hi-tech development companies and have been at the forefront of using Linux within embedded devices. The workshop will show engineers how to configure a standard Linux kernel for use in a cross development system and the steps to write, compile and download an embedded Linux application with real hardware.

“This is an ideal workshop for engineers wishing to assess the suitability of Linux for their next application or for software engineers who are developing applications for embedded Linux,” said Jo Cooling of Feabhas. “We have been a keen supporter of the Embedded Masterclass since the first event 6 years ago, it will be a good chance for engineers to come along and not only develop new skills but to also explore the latest technologies and learn from industry experts in a non-sales environment.”

Feabhas says that engineers considering registering for the Embedded Linux Workshop will need good C programming skills, some knowledge of operating systems and a knowledge of Unix or Linux commands will be helpful but not essential. The course presents embedded concepts applied to Linux, using an ARM development board as the target (ConnectCore Wi-9C Digi JumpStart Kit for Linux). The host development system will be a standard PC running desktop Linux. Feabhas will use the target as an example of a simple embedded system which can control hardware via a simple digital I/O interface.

The Embedded Masterclass is now in its 6th year, with over 800 embedded engineers having registered for previous events. Each event hosts an agenda of technical presentations that are intended to address issues at the cutting edge of embedded development.

“We put a lot of effort into the presentation agenda,” said Richard. “We want engineers to go away feeling that the whole event has been a productive use of their time, so we work hard to ensure each presentation imparts really useful knowledge and that each presenter is a true expert in their technology. Often, the presentations can get quite interactive, which is exactly how we want it to be.”

The event also includes a tabletop exhibition. Some of the world’s leading embedded systems tools, hardware and software vendors have already signed up to exhibit. These include MontaVista – a world leader in embedded Linux solutions, Enea – a world leader in operating systems and development tools for mobile phones and wireless infrastructure equipment, SDC Systems – a leading UK supplier of development tools and software testing solutions, Barric – leading UK manufacturer of complex electronics hardware and Telelogic – a world leader in UML system modelling tools.

“The tabletop format for the exhibition has been good for us,” said Richard. “This means that there is more focus on the technology and less on the sales/marketing. It makes for a better environment for engineers to learn about the technology, it simply makes it a lot more friendly and less competitive. As the event has grown, it’s been easier to attract the more important world class players. With people like MontaVista and Enea on board, we feel sure engineers will want to come along and learn about their new offerings.”

The Embedded Masterclass is free to engineers and technology managers. Attendance is limited, so early registration is recommended. The Embedded Linux workshop is at a special price of £95 and again places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. For more information and registration, contact Richard Blackburn at Energi – richard@energi-tech.co.uk

About The Embedded Masterclass
Now in its 6th year and with over 800 engineers having registered for these events, the Embedded Masterclass has become an important event in the UK’s Embedded Systems calendar. With its focus on leading edge embedded technology and tools, the Embedded Masterclass has gained a reputation for being ‘useful and informative’, a chance to meet with vendors and engineers in a non-sales environment and a chance to listen to technical presentations from key industry leaders.