congatec Debuts conga-CMEN COM Express Module with Intel Menlow

congatec AG, a leading innovator in embedded computing, has introduced conga-CMEN, the electronic industry’s first COM Express module based on Intel’s latest low-power platform for mobile computing, the Intel Menlow. Fabricated using the latest 45nm process and Hi-K dielectric technology, the Intel Menlow platform comprises the Silverthorne processor, coupled with the Poulsbo chipset with integrated 3D graphics. This extreme power saving solution consumes just one-tenth of the power of other ultra low-voltage, single core platforms. This revolutionary technology will enable all types of ultra mobile and fanless applications, leading to the availability of really small solutions with extremely good battery runtime.

ACPI 3.0 with congatec’s intelligent battery management technology is included in the conga-CMEN board, which in combination with the Smart Battery Manager Module – conga-SBM²C – will allow mobile and battery operated systems to be easily realized.

All congatec boards are equipped with the company’s embedded BIOS, including a board controller that enhances embedded features such as system monitoring, watchdog timer and the I2C bus. With the ability to isolate itself from the main x86 processor, these features are also available in stand-by mode, hence promoting further power saving functionality.

The conga-CMEN also offers a rich connectivity feature-set, including:

  • 2x PCI Express lanes
  • 2x SATA interfaces
  • EIDE interface
  • gigabit Ethernet
  • High Definition Audio
  • PCI Bus; I2C
  • LPC (Low Pin Count) interface
  • 8x USB 2.0
  • 2x SDIO sockets

It also offers integrated graphics supporting EPI (Embedded Panel Interface) with automatic panel detection of almost any flat panel display.

About congatec AG
Based in Deggendorf, Germany, congatec AG is an innovative and experienced manufacturer of COM Express, XTX and ETX embedded computer boards, with more than 200-manpower years of experience in the fast growing embedded computer industry. The company’s objective is to engineer and market industrial computer modules based on standard form factors, including an embedded BIOS, excellent driver support as well as full-featured board support packages. Customers receive complete product lifecycle support starting early during the design-in stage. All congatec products are manufactured by specialized contract manufacturers who fulfill the latest quality standards.