PRQA Teams with Headway for Software Architecture Management

PRQA | THE PROGRAMMING RESEARCH GROUP and Headway Software announced the integration of Structure101 with QA|C and QA|C++ representing the initial phase of joint technology and product collaboration. PRQA’s core technologies include advanced language parsing engines for C and C++ that power their widely-used QA|C and QA|C++ products. PRQA pioneered the use of this static analysis technology to automatically enforce coding standards and are the dominant player in the coding standard enforcement space.

Now, PRQA will use the same technologies to extract and deliver high-fidelity data to Headway’s Structure101 product to help developers better understand and manage C and C++ software architecture. The added capability clearly complements PRQA’s long-standing mission to help firms build better software.

Headway Software pioneered large-scale code structure visualization and architectural constraint mechanisms in the Java domain. Positive industry recognition of Headway Software’s technology is most recently evident from the inclusion of Structure101 as a finalist in this year’s Jolt awards under the Design and Modeling category (

Structure101 will supply that same code structure visualization, associated metrics, and architectural control for the largest and most complex C and C++ projects when used with QA|C and QA|C++.

“PRQA’s customers can now further leverage their investment in the valuable code analysis and coding standard compliance solutions we’ve provided for their demanding C and C++ environments. Adding Structure101 for QA|C and QA|C++ means they can now view comprehensive structural displays of their code base, examine high-level complexity metrics, and-most importantly-impose architectural constraints on further expansion of the code base,” said Fergus Bolger, CTO of PRQA.

“The accuracy and completeness of dependency data is key for Structure101, QA|C and QA|C++ do an outstanding job of extracting this from C and C++ source code. We are excited by the prospect of the integration of Structure101 with QA|C and QA|C++.” said Chris Chedgey, CEO of Headway Software.

Structure101 for QA|C and QA|C++ will be available in Q2 2008.

PRQA | THE PROGRAMMING RESEARCH GROUP pioneered the application of static analysis technology to automatically enforce coding standards-so you can build better software. Established in 1986, we’re recognized as “the coding standard experts” by leading software developers, industry experts, and standards organizations worldwide. We’re known as the thought leaders for developing and implementing best practices in today’s demanding software development environment-PRQA’s expertise in coding standard development, automated standards enforcement, and code analysis is simply unmatched. Our products include QA|C, QA|C++, QA|Java, QA|MISRA, QA|JSF++, and HIGH|INTEGRITY C++ and can be found wherever high integrity quality software is paramount, coding standard compliance is mandated, safety-critical code is required, or secure code is essential. PRQA has corporate offices in the UK, USA, India, Ireland, and The Netherlands complemented by a worldwide distribution network.

Headway Software is the first independent software vendor to focus purely on software structure and architectural control; fundamental tenets of building maintainable and extensible software. The company’s Structure101 products use advanced reverse engineering, structural analysis and architectural mapping techniques for Java, Ada, and C/C++. Based in Ireland and France, Headway Software is independently owned and operated.