Birdstep RDM Embedded Powers Jotun POS Automatic Dispensing System

Birdstep Technology (OSE: BIRD), which offers state of the art embedded databases, announced that Jotun has selected RDM Embedded v8.0 for their automatic color dispensing systems at point of sales. Jotun has been a satisfied customer of Birdstep Technology’s databases since 1992, when it first deployed db_Vista for their Point-of-Sales paint color dispensing system on DOS. Jotun’s unique offering is currently in use on more than 5000 worldwide installations, with a concentration in Scandinavia, the Middle East and South East Asia/Asia Pacific.

“Ever since first deploying, our confidence in RDM has only grown stronger, thanks to its outstanding ease of use and high performance. The net result is we never needed to consider changing the database tools, and are now pleased to upgrade our system to the latest version,” says Terje Vardenær Arnesen, Development Engineer for Jotun.

“Longevity is the key to a successful business. By offering world class embedded database products and services over the last 25 years, Birdstep is in a unique position to serve customers like Jotun that rely on such stability,” commented Duncan Bates, Vice President of Product Management at Birdstep. “Delivering new products that meet ever-demanding customer requirements enables our customers to successfully increase their market share. Jotun has been in the color dispensing business since 1976, and we’re pleased to have enabled Jotun’s success the last 14 years.”

About The Raima Database Manager Family
Raima released the first version of the Raima embedded database in 1984. Since then the family has grown into three successful embedded database products. RDM Embedded pioneered the embedded market space under the name dbVista. Building on the success of RDM Embedded, Raima released the product in a client/server configuration under the name Velocis, now called RDM Server. Augmenting the two is RDM Mobile, ideally suited for consumer electronics and low cost mobile devices such as set-top boxes, mp3 players etc.

About Birdstep Technology, Inc
Birdstep Technology, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Birdstep Technology ASA, is a leading provider of high-performance embedded database solutions known as the Raima Database Manager product-line. Since 1984, the company has been focused on solving data management problems in a wide variety of verticals such as Mil/Aero, Telecom, Financial, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Industrial Automation, Business Automation and more. With over 20,000 application developers, resulting in over 20,000,000 deployments, Birdstep continues to lead in the worldwide demand for embedded database technology.

About Jotun
Jotun is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paints, coatings and powder coatings with 71 companies and 39 production facilities on all continents. In 2007 the Jotun Group had a turnover of NOK 8,872 million, and 5,900 employees. Jotun has four divisions, with its head office in Sandefjord, Norway. All decorative business and a growing share of the marine and protective business are dependent on automatic dispensing systems at point of sales. At the end of 2007, Jotun had more than 5000 dispensing systems in operation.