Lattix Releases Lattix 4.0 Architecture Management System

Lattix Inc., the leading provider of innovative software architecture management solutions, announced the release of its newest solution, Lattix 4.0. This solution includes powerful new functionality to enable architects, developers and managers to visualize, re-architect, test, and communicate the architecture of their complex software systems.

Customer-driven innovations in Lattix 4.0 include support for large-scale re-architecting and service extraction for SOA. Components and services can now be extracted utilizing the new tagging, impact analysis and reporting capabilities. Scalability enhancements include the display and manipulation of systems with tens of millions of lines of code and hundreds of thousands of database entities and other elements.

“The eBay marketplace runs on a very large global software stack,” said Vijay Raghavendra, director of the Platform Team at eBay. “We have worked with Lattix to incorporate new features in Lattix 4.0 that enable us to effectively modularize and maintain our large codebase.”

Adventureworks SQL Server Database in Lattix 4.0Also new to Lattix 4.0 is support for SQL Server which expands database support beyond Oracle. The new SQL Server module in Lattix 4.0 provides visualization and management of the data architecture of SQL Server databases. The SQL Server module captures the dependency relationships that exist between a wide variety of database elements, including schemas, tables, views, stored procedures, and triggers. Lattix 4.0 enables data architects, developers, and DBAs to understand the impact of change and prevent unexpected results.

“Having served more than 12 million customers, VistaPrint is the leading online supplier of high-quality graphic design services and customized printed products,” said Jeromy Carriere, chief architect at VistaPrint. “We are using the .NET module and the new SQL Server module in Lattix 4.0 to provide architectural visibility and impact analysis as we refactor our large .NET and SQL Server based enterprise infrastructure.”

“Our customers have been asking for additional capabilities for re-architecting complex software, preparing for SOA transformation, and migrating databases,” explains Neeraj Sangal, president and founder of Lattix. “We have responded with innovative features, performance improvements, and new modules and reports to meet their needs.”

Lattix has pioneered the Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) approach which uses dependencies to create the most accurate and scalable blueprint of software applications, databases and systems. Architects and developers can analyze their systems in detail, edit the structure to create what-if scenarios, and specify design rules, allowing them to formalize and communicate the intended architecture to the entire organization.

About Lattix 4.0
Lattix 4.0 provides the most comprehensive solution for Ada, C/C++, Java, and .NET languages; Oracle and SQL Server databases; and Spring and Hibernate frameworks. Lattix 4.0 also provides support for full web-based reporting of architectural metrics, violations, and incremental changes. Lattix 4.0 enables companies to improve and maintain quality, enhance testability, lower costs through more effective development, and manage risks by better understanding of the impact of proposed changes.

Price & Availability
Lattix 4.0 is available in a variety of license models, with prices starting at $495 USD for the Professional Edition. Lattix 4.0 is available immediately with modules for Ada, C/C++, Java (with Spring and Hibernate), .NET, Oracle, Pascal, and SQL Server. A free evaluation license is also available for download.

About Lattix
Lattix is the leader of software architecture management solutions that deliver higher software quality and lower risk throughout the application lifecycle. Lattix provides a powerful new approach of utilizing Dependency Structure Matrixes (DSM) for automated analysis and enforcement of architectures. Lattix is located in Andover, MA.