ADENEO Announces Free Evaluation Versions of Dot Net Micro Framework

Adeneo, a Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program Gold member, announced the availability of free evaluation version of its Dot Net Micro Framework ports. These evaluation versions can be downloaded directly from Adeneo website. The Dot Net Micro Framework has been designed specifically for small and low powered devices, which makes it the good solution for new applications such as home automation systems, industrial sensors, retail displays or healthcare monitors. Developers will appreciate C# developments in Visual Studio, even for device drivers, while business decision makers will consider it as a new step toward fast time to market.

“We have been working on this new technology since its very first stages. We’ve followed its evolution and will continue to do so,” says Anthony Pellerin, who manages the .NET Micro Framework activity at Adeneo. “Our mission now is to advise customers around this new solution, and to help them securing their project in the best time to market. Our engineering facilities located in Europe and in North America allow us providing locally our expertise on this technology on a worldwide prospective.”

Customers can now evaluate the latest version of the Dot Net Micro Framework and Adeneo ports on two different ARM9 based evaluation boards. Our ports cover the various peripherals available on the evaluation boards, such as LCD, SPI, GPIO and USB.

To enhance even more customers’ experience, Adeneo also provides for free emulation version of its ports, compliant with Dot Net Micro Framework emulator, as well as sample applications directly usable on this emulation versions or on the evaluation board. This way, developers willing to evaluate this new technology can start right away their tests, and then move to real hardware platform very efficiently, and with a minimal investment.

As a complement to this port, Adeneo offers engineering services like training, consulting, support contract or turnkey developments to OEMs willing to move forward and start custom products designs with Dot Net Micro Framework. As a porting partner of Microsoft, Adeneo has all the skills and tools to help OEMs integrating this technology in their embedded product, from the adaptation of existing reference port, to the adaptation of Dot Net Micro Framework to new CPU architectures.

“As a gold partner, Adeneo really exemplifies the innovation and expertise that we have come to expect from our gold partners,” said Manoj Rami, Senior Marketing Manager, Windows Embedded Business Group, Microsoft EMEA. “By allowing customers to test the .Net Micro Framework platform in a safe and supported way, it will enable customers to see the full power of the platform and what is possible without having to invest any major resource or time.”

ADENEO is a leading design centre in complete hardware and software custom design. ADENEO offers complete turnkey solution for embedded markets including medical, avionic, transportation, retail or industrial control. With nine years of experience in Windows Embedded CE, and thanks to its partnerships with Silicon Vendors and Microsoft, ADENEO is the key partner for complete hardware and software designs targeting rich-featured high end products. Its facilities located both in Europe and North America brings strong local support to its customers on a worldwide aspect. Adeneo has been awarded by Microsoft as “Windows Embedded System Integrator of the year” in 2007.