AXIOMTEK Introduces ICO-100 Embedded Field Controller for Monitoring

AXIOMTEK, as a trusted embedded computing platforms provider, announced a new compact size yet fanless embedded field controller designed for remote management and monitoring applications. With the ultra low power AMD LX800 processor onboard, excellent stacking mechanism design and smart software, the ICO-100 presents cost-effective, high reliability and expansion capability.

The ICO-100 adopts compact and rugged mechanism design (anti-vibration up to 1.3G), it can be applied in limited-space applications and endure vibration and shock in critical environments. For ready-to-use, this unit offers the smart remote management tools (R@Tools) of remote monitoring, remote alarm, remote diagnosis, and security, to enable easy and efficient management over a wired/wireless network. Brilliant stacking design is for capacity expansion through PC-104 slot or 2.5″ hard drive. Apparently this tiny unit is ideally suited for use in applications like unmanned room, transportation, industrial machine and more.

AXIOMTEK ICO-100 Embedded Field Controller for Real-time MonitoringIntelligent Remote Management Tools – R@Tools
The ICO-100 adopts the built-in remote control tools which provide real-time remote monitoring, alarm and diagnosis. The operators can be automatically notified by an alarm sent by controller and run diagnosis process on-line immediately once events like crashing down, over-heating and disconnection occur. With the remote management functions, business can save on-site manpower cost and maintenance time. Besides, the ICO-100 offers extreme system security and only authorized users can take over control through internet.

“Incorporating diverse interfaces of RS-232/422/485, USB ports, and Ethernet ports, the ICO-100 can connect various control devices to access data and generate analysis,” said Alex Hsueh, Product Manager of Industrial Automation Department. With remote monitoring function, the operators can immediately reach the system status such as CPU temperature/voltage via the web browser. Or the operator will receive message from remote alarm when accident occurs anytime and anywhere.

The ICO-100 is RoHS compliance and will be available around the end of March, 2008. For more product information or pricing, please contact our sales representative at

Man Features:

  • Fanless cooling system with low power AMD LX800 onboard
  • Supports remote management tools (R@Tools) – monitoring, alarm, diagnosis, security
  • Ultra slim and compact design
  • Stacking design: easy-to-extend PC/104 and 2.5″ HDD
  • Supports CompactFlash card and HDD (anti-vibration up to 1.3G)
  • Built-in fuse for over-current protection
  • Supports WLAN antenna (IEEE 802.1b/802.11g)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 191mm x 148mm x 46mm

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