Mercury Computer Unveils VS6-210 P.A. Semi Dual Dual-Core VXS Module

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY), a leading provider of high-performance computing solutions for HPC and embedded computing markets, announced availability of its VS6-210 P.A. Semi Dual Dual-Core Module. The VS6-210 combines the industry-standard Power Architecture(tm) framework and serial RapidIO® interconnect fabric with the very powerful PWRficient(tm) PA6T-1682M processor for low-power, high-performance processing.

The P.A. Semi device redefines power, cost, and throughput efficiency, delivering high performance with phenomenally low power consumption. For example, running at 2.0 GHz, the P.A. Semi device dissipates just 5-13W during typical operations. Depending upon the application, this is three to four times less power consumed than similar high-performance microprocessor platforms.

Ideally suited for sensor applications including radar, sonar, communications and imaging, the VS6-210 employs three independent, standards-based communication fabrics for control, data movement, and sensor data input, in an air-cooled VXS form factor.

While VMEbus continues to be the technology of choice for systems requiring high-performance, longer life cycles, and durability, it lacks the high bandwidth and I/O capacity necessary for next-generation applications. VXS is an evolution that provides improved bandwidth, backward compatibility to previous generations of the VMEbus, and increased power delivery in a fashion that does not require revolutionary change in system architecture. Additionally, VXS can leverage the large VME ecosystem, a vendor community which provides value-add SBCs, multiprocessor, multi-FPGA cards, and PMC/ XMC mezzanine cards.

“The VS6-210 delivers outstanding performance per watt – which leads to a longer product life cycle,” said Steve Patterson, Product Line Manager, Embedded Performance Systems Group at Mercury Computer Systems. “We believe that these benefits, combined with its open software architecture, will minimize our customer’s development time and make their end products more robust.”

The VS6-210 module, system development chassis, and required software will be available starting in July 2008.

More info: Mercury Computer Systems