TenAsys, ICS Triplex Team on ISaGRAF Automation for INtime RTOS

TenAsys Corp., a leading provider of real-time OS and virtualization software, announced that the ISaGRAF 5 IEC 61131 / IEC 61499 automation software is now compatible with their INtime real-time operating system (RTOS). ISaGRAF is a control software environment that enables the creation of local or distributed control systems. It offers a combination of a highly portable and robust control engine and an intuitive application development environment.

The application development Workbench provides all of the internationally standard IEC 61131 control languages. ISaGRAF’s IEC 61499 functionality enables users to build traditional control systems where the interactions between devices are automatically regulated and synchronized by the IEC 61499 function block diagrams, rather than through the use of manually implemented algorithms. Plus, users can take advantage of toolkits to write their own I/O drivers, add market-specific function blocks, connect higher level systems, or conveniently brand label their products. This allows for unique packaging for the user’s intellectual property.

INtime software provides deterministic, hard real-time control, leveraging the powerful capabilities of Intel Architecture processors. Field proven in hundreds of applications running millions of flawless execution hours, the INtime kernel supports a range of inter-process communication and synchronization mechanisms that fulfill the high-end real-time needs of the most demanding embedded applications.

“This pairing of technologies enables thousands of control engineers who have installed more than 575,000 ISaGRAF products around the world to easily use the high-performance INtime RTOS in the familiar ISaGRAF environment,” said Julien Chouinard, ICS Triplex ISaGRAF Managing Director. “With TenAsys’ INtime RTOS support, ISaGRAF offers new levels of performance and reliability, too.”

With INtime and the ISaGRAF Development Toolkit, high volume equipment manufacturers can create many different runtime engines to build robust embedded systems. They can transform controllers into a top of the line PLC, DCS or RTU. They also gain features such as data quality, millisecond time stamping, event sequencing, trending, alarming, processor synchronization, GPS support and redundancy.

About TenAsys
TenAsys delivers real-time technology based on the embedded Intel Architecture (x86 processors), Microsoft Windows operating system, and Visual Studio development environment. Since 1980, customers worldwide have entrusted TenAsys RTOS products to provide reliable deterministic control of their x86 embedded computers in a wide array of mission critical applications including: medical, telecom, industrial control, robotics, test & measurement, and military applications. The TenAsys INtime RTOS for Windows, first announced in 1997, has since become a leading RTOS for the application of real-time on Microsoft Windows platforms. Intel Corporation recognized TenAsys as Intel Communications Alliance (ICA) Member of the Year for 2006 at the Affiliate level, and also in 2006, Microsoft recognized TenAsys as its Windows Embedded Partner of the Year, ISV category, for the third year in a row.