EMA Introduces TimingDesigner Design Kit Program

EMA Design Automation(tm), one of the world’s largest Electronic Design Automation Value Added Resellers, announced a vendor participation program where part manufacturers can contribute kits to EMA’s TimingDesigner® Design Kit library. GSI Technology became the first participant by contributing kits for its SigmaQuad(tm) family of memory devices. The ability for vendors to provide timing models for inclusion in the EMA Design Kit Program ensures the highest degree of accuracy required to define and setup timing relationships for analysis with their products. These kits allow engineers to focus their time on critical thinking and interface analysis to find the best solution for their design.

“With the speed and complexity of today’s designs, customers need accurate tools and time saving models to help them tackle these challenges and still meet their market window,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA. “EMA has responded with the TimingDesigner Design Kit Program to provide accurate static timing models for its customers. GSI participating in this program validates our stance that timing margins are moving more to the forefront of design issues engineers must overcome. We are very excited to see that GSI recognizes the value in our solution for its customers.”

With TimingDesigner release 9, EMA began creating TimingDesigner design kits for popular digital devices. These design kits are preassembled component diagrams based on manufacturers’ specifications, complete with all specified libraries for speed and voltage ratings. The kits are available to give engineers a time saving head start in performing timing analysis between their various on-board component interfaces. Each kit consists of all documented timing protocols, and is assembled for easy importation into TimingDesigner’s Manager Window allowing quick assembly of any timing project. With this new Design Kit Program, component manufacturers can create TimingDesigner design kits for their digital devices, host them on their websites, and add them to the EMA design kit library.

“GSI is proud to provide our customers with TimingDesigner design kits for our SigmaQuad family of SRAM products,” said David Chapman, vice president of marketing and applications engineering at GSI. “These kits will enable our customers to perform an accurate and detailed timing analysis of their SigmaQuad memory interfaces highlighting any timing constraint violations that could result in the interface not functioning. The kits will also allow our customers to gain a better understanding of the operation of SigmaQuad devices, allowing for faster design of the SigmaQuad interface.”

For a full list of available EMA TimingDesigner design kits, go to http://www.timingdesigner.com/Product/DesignKits.aspx. The kits are free to EMA customers with a valid maintenance contract. The GSI SRAM kits are also available to GSI customers on the GSI website.

About GSI Technology, Inc.
Founded in 1995, GSI Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of high performance SRAMs primarily incorporated in networking and telecommunications equipment. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, GSI Technology is ISO 9001 certified and has worldwide factory and sales locations.

About EMA Design Automation, Inc.
EMA Design Automation is a leader in product development solutions offering a complete range of product lifecycle management systems, electrical CAD tools, mechanical CAD tools, consulting services, training, and technical support. EMA is a Cadence® Channel Partner serving all of North America and a PTC Partner addressing the product development needs of companies globally. EMA manufactures TimingDesigner®, a static timing analysis solution, and distributes it through a worldwide network of value added resellers. EMA is a privately held corporation headquartered in Rochester, New York.

EMA Design Automation is a trademark and TimingDesigner is a registered trademark of EMA Design Automation, Inc. SigmaQuad is a trademark of GSI Technology, Inc. Cadence is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. PTC is a registered trademark of Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC).