AdvancedIO Systems Rolls Out V1021 10-Gigabit Ethernet XMC/PMC Module

AdvancedIO® Systems, the leading provider of configurable 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) connectivity for real-time computing systems, announced the release of the V1021 configurable 10GbE connectivity and packet processing XMC/PMC module. Thanks to the integration of SFP+, the latest 10-gigabit optical transceiver technology, the V1021 provides high bandwidth data-pipe performance with flexible processing functionality in a single chassis slot. This optimization enables system developers in resource-demanding real-time applications such as radar, signals intelligence, and sensor processing to pack more functionality into a system while reducing its size and cost.

AdvancedIO’s V1021 is an open-standard form factor module that solves the problem of connecting real-time embedded systems to extreme high-speed Ethernet networks, a problem many liken to drinking from a fire hose. Like AdvancedIO’s deployed V1020 product, the V1021 can also be used as a high-speed pipe to directly interconnect embedded processing systems. Key features of AdvancedIO’s V1021 include:

  • Standard VITA 42.3 XMC/PMC mezzanine module that integrates onto standard off-the-shelf platforms for wide applicability
  • Standard PCI-X and PCI Express® host interfaces for easy integration and high performance
  • SFP+ 10-Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver technology which is being widely adopted throughout the networking industry
  • Customizable functionality via Xilinx® FPGA for application optimization and in-field upgrades
  • Compatible optimized udpXG(tm) communications protocol for offloading and streamXG(tm) data streaming acceleration cores and software designed specifically for real-time applications
  • Standard sockets-based software API for easy integration and future software portability

The V1021 offers an easy migration path. Because of its compatibility with AdvancedIO’s V1020 software and functionality, existing V1020 customers who require higher-density systems can deploy the V1021 in its place without making any application source code changes. As well, both modules use the same fiber optic LC connectors.

“The V1021 augments our PMC/XMC product line by offering the same high-performance functionality in only a single standard chassis slot,” said Rob Kraft, VP, Marketing, for AdvancedIO Systems. “Our engineers recognize that system integrators are constantly battling to maximize functionality. By reducing the slot occupancy, we have enabled our customers to provide systems with more tightly coupled processing capability and data-plane Ethernet connectivity than ever before.”

AdvancedIO Systems will continue to provide and support both the V1020 and V1021 XMC/PMC modules.

Shipping & Availability
The AdvancedIO V1021 is available immediately. For more information, please contact

About AdvancedIO Systems
AdvancedIO is the market leader in configurable 10GbE connectivity and packet processing solutions for the embedded systems market. AdvancedIO’s product family, including the market’s first 10GbE interface in the industry standard XMC form factor, delivers outstanding packet processing performance in conjunction with application flexibility. AdvancedIO provides a unique solution for high-performance defense and telecom applications and for developers seeking to implement and benefit from standards-based high-speed fabric connectivity. AdvancedIO Systems is a privately held company established in 2004 and is located in Vancouver, Canada.

AdvancedIO is a registered trademark of AdvancedIO Systems Inc. udpXG and streamXG are trademarks of AdvancedIO Systems Inc.