Hilscher cifX Communication Interface Driver Ports to INtime RTOS

TenAsys Corp., a leading provider of real-time OS and virtualization software, announced that the cifX Communication Interface PCI card software driver from Hilscher GmbH of Hattersheim, Germany has been ported to the INtime® RTOS, enabling real-time Windows applications to utilize the wide array of real-time industrial Ethernet interfaces supported by this Hilscher I/O card, including PROFINET IRT, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink, SERCOS III and Modbus TCP/IP.

The unique and flexible architecture of the Hilscher netX Ethernet controller, and the deterministic features of the INtime RTOS for Windows, combine to provide the highest performance real-time Ethernet master available today. The cifX cards are used as fieldbus interfaces for high-speed PC control and monitoring of automated equipment.

“This kind of flexibility delivers an ideal platform for control and visualization,” said Phil Marshall of Hilscher North America, Inc. “By using the INtime RTOS to drive the cifX PCI card, our customers gain the benefit of a real-time deterministic system without having to give up the flexibility of the Microsoft Windows platform.”

Hilscher’s cifX PC card series can be configured for a broad range of real-time Ethernet systems, as master or slave, for EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET IRT, Modbus TCP/IP, Powerlink, and SERCOS III. The cifX PC cards incorporate the Hilscher netX Ethernet controller chip and shared RAM for increased performance, functionality and flexibility.

About TenAsys
TenAsys delivers real-time technology based on the embedded Intel Architecture (x86 processors), Microsoft Windows operating systems, and Visual Studio development environment. Since 1980, customers worldwide have entrusted TenAsys RTOS products to provide reliable deterministic control of their x86 embedded computers in a wide array of mission critical applications including: medical, telecom, industrial control, robotics, test & measurement, and military applications. The TenAsys INtime RTOS for Windows, released in 1997, has since become a leading RTOS solution for the real-time applications on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Intel Corporation recognized TenAsys as Intel Communications Alliance (ICA) Member of the Year for 2006 at the Affiliate level, and also in 2006, Microsoft recognized TenAsys as its Windows Embedded Partner of the Year, ISV category, for the third year in a row.

About Hilscher
The Hilscher family of companies are global leaders in field bus technologies. Hilscher is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer with headquarters in Germany with subsidiaries in; Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, China and the United States. We offer products with master and slave technology for PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, InterBus, AS-I, ModbusTCP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, SERCOS, SERCOS III, Modbus Plus, Modbus, CANopen, ControlNet, etc. Our product architecture is truly scalable with a single driver interface for both masters and slave interfaces of all networks and all form factors. A single configuration tool SYCON.net is used to configure all our products. Drivers are available for all versions of Windows, multiple real time operating systems including QNX, VxWorks, Linux and InTime. Hilscher North America, Inc. 2443 Warrenville Rd. Suite 100, Lisle, IL 60532