Gleichmann Electronics Distributes Solomon Systech Products

Gleichmann Electronics, one of the leading European distributors of displays and optoelectronic components, also provides immediately the complete product portfolio of Solomon Systech. A pan European distribution agreement was recently signed by representatives of both companies in Stuttgart.

Solomon Systech is one of the leading international manufacturers of classic LCD drivers and at the same time is worldwide the largest provider of OLED and Electronic Paper (E-Paper) display drivers. Furthermore, Solomon Systech has a portfolio of powerful external graphic controllers, which are used in numerous consumer and industrial applications. Because an increasing number of functions are implemented via the graphic user interface (GUI), the demand for external graphic controllers is also rapidly increasing. The current product spectrum includes a series of graphic controllers with 80 to 256 KB SRAM, various MCU and display interfaces, image processors with digital video input, JPEG encoders and decoders, SD interfaces, dual display support and support of displays up to 800 x 600 dpi.

Solomon Systech has evolved as the largest Chinese fabless semiconductor manufacturer and Patrick Nolan, European Director of Solomon Systech, places the company’s presence in Europe in the foreground during the next years of expansion. “In the past, we already had some local distributors, but in important countries such as Germany, France and Turkey or in regions such as Eastern Europe a technically competent and logistically strong partner was missing.” According to Nolan, the selection of Gleichmann Electronics was based particularly on the product and broad technical applications competence in the area of displays, which Gleichmann Electronics in the past 25 years has continuously built-up and expanded. “The determining factor for us was that Gleichmann Electronics, like Solomon Systech, is focused on only a few market segments in which they have a significantly above average, technical know-how. According to our experience, continuous top performance in design, consulting and service over a long period of time can only be provided by companies that are focused. At a first glance, this may appear to be a conservative attitude, but in the end all parties benefit from it, particularly the customers.”

Kristian Sans, European Product Manager of Gleichmann Electronics, responsible for the marketing of Solomon Systech products, sees this as a win-win situation for all parties. “As authorized distribution partner of manufacturers such as Ampire, Alder, AUO, Clover, Elec & Eltek, eTurboTouch, Hantouch, Harvatek, Hexa-Chain, i-sft, Kontron, Microtouch, NEC Electronics, Promate, Truly and Zytronic, we have set ourselves the goal of being able to offer our customers in the area of displays complete solutions, including customer specific control right up to complete display designs. Therefore, the display driver ICs and the graphic controller family from Solomon Systech are an optimal addition to our existing portfolio of microcontrollers, displays and optoelectronics.”

About Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH
Since its foundation in 1979, Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH, in the same company group with MSC Vertriebs GmbH, has established itself as one of the leading pan European distributors of electronic components. One of the reasons for the high acceptance by customers and suppliers is the company’s early focus on comparatively few, highly sophisticated products such as microcontrollers, programmable logic devices, graphic displays and customized battery solutions. The deep technical know-how of our sales engineers and field applications engineers enable us to implement complete new designs right up to the manufactured product to satisfy customers’ requests. Owning two ASIC design centers, a research laboratory and one of Europe’s largest, state-of-the-art programming facilities, Gleichmann & Co Electronics GmbH leads the way in custom design services.

About Solomon Systech Limited
Established in 1999, Solomon Systech Limited, with its head office in Hong Kong, is one of the leading international manufacturers of LCD, OLED and E-Paper display drivers. Further product focuses includes, graphic controllers, image processors and MIPI master bridge chips. With more than 200 million US dollars revenue in the last fiscal year, Solomon Systech has evolved as the largest Chinese fabless semiconductor manufacturer.