NextWave Wireless Introduces TDtv Device Integration Pack

NextWave Wireless Inc. (NASDAQ: WAVE), a global provider of mobile multimedia and broadband technologies, paved the way for handset manufacturers to easily participate in the global market for TDtv by announcing a TDtv Device Integration Pack. Designed to meet the strict cost, size, and power consumption requirements established by some of Europe’s largest mobile operators, NextWave’s TDtv Device Integration Pack includes a low-power TDtv System in Package (SiP), a complete MBMS software stack, and MediaFusionTM multimedia client software from PacketVideo Corporation (PV). NextWave’s turnkey solution will enable device vendors to deliver TDtv handsets to market in 2008 in support of the TDtv initiative announced today by NextWave, Orange and T-Mobile UK.

“Our TDtv device integration module provides a simple and inexpensive way for device manufacturers to integrate the power of TDtv into their next-generation WCMDA handsets,” said Dr. Bill Jones, CEO of NextWave Network Products. “We’re confident that a growing number of device manufacturers will support TDtv as mobile operators begin to accelerate wide-area deployments of TDtv systems.”

TDtv is an innovative 3GPP MBMS solution that provides mobile operators an opportunity to profitably deliver up to 28 high-resolution TV channels, digital audio channels, and other IP data-cast services to an unlimited number of concurrent customers. By operating on existing 3G spectrum and with the unique ability to support multi-carrier spectrum pooling and network sharing, TDtv represents a breakthrough in reducing the cost of implementing mobile television and provides UMTS operators around the world with a powerful multimedia and advertising platform. Currently, more than 150 mobile network operators in over 50 countries have access to the spectrum needed to deliver TDtv to more than half a billion subscribers.

“When we looked at the available mobile TV technologies, TDtv was one of the technologies that impressed us the most, both from a performance as well as from a market opportunity perspective,” said Michael Thelander, CEO of Signals Research Group, LLC. “With spectrum available across Europe and many parts of Asia and with two major operators now moving forward with an initiative, this is a market that handset vendors should take the time to explore.”

NextWave’s TDtv Device Integration Pack includes everything device manufacturers need to create a TDtv- enabled handset. The Device Integration Pack includes an integrated TDtv System in Package (SiP) measuring approximately 10×10 millimeters, a complete software suite that includes the required MBMS software stack, and TDtv radio access network controller software. The TDtv SiP includes a TDtv baseband chip, RF chip, receive filters and passives, and interfaces directly with the handset’s application processor. This low power (active power consumption under 60 mW) solution enables device manufacturers to better meet network operator requirements for sleek and highly-attractive mobile TV handsets with internal antennas, and includes filters that allow for seamless coexistence with existing 2G and 3G services.

PV, a subsidiary of NextWave Wireless and a leader in multimedia client solutions, will provide its MediaFusion(tm) platform and core player engine that includes the application and CODECs to integrate TDtv services with the existing unicast services already being offered by operators. The PV solution also includes its full Electronic Service Guide (ESG) that can be customized to the look and feel requirements of operators or handset vendors. The MediaFusion client application allows the ESG to be dynamically created for the subscriber based upon their demonstrated preferences, significantly increasing the ability of operators to target advertisements and increase advertising rates. PV’s MediaFusion software solution is white-label platform allowing the handset vendors to put their own user interface on top of the player application.

“TDtv offers mobile network operators and handset manufacturers a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the global market for mobile TV and multimedia services,” said Jones. “As demonstrated by the announcement today by two of the largest global operators, TDtv provides the performance, and economies of scale to make mobile TV a reality for the mass market. Now, with our turnkey TDtv Device Integration Pack, we have made it even easier and less costly for device manufacturers and mobile operators to profit from the TDtv opportunity.”

About TDtv
TDtv is a 3GPP MBMS solution that provides mobile operators an opportunity to profitably deliver multiple, high-resolution TV channels, digital audio, or other IP data-cast services to an unlimited number of concurrent customers. In 2007, Vodafone, Telefónica, Orange, and 3UK announced successful results from a joint technical trial of TDtv in Bristol UK. The trial demonstrated TDtv’s ability to reliably deliver a large number of high-quality channels in only 5 MHz of TDD spectrum with coverage comparable to WCDMA, but with far fewer cell sites. The trial also demonstrated the viability of dual-mode TDtv/WCDMA handsets as well as the ability of the technology to support full mobility at vehicular speeds.

TDtv operates in the universal unpaired (TDD) 3G spectrum bands that are available across Europe and Asia at 1900 MHz and 2010 MHz. It enables UMTS operators to utilize their existing TDD spectrum to offer subscribers attractive mobile TV and multimedia packages without impacting their 3G voice and data services which use universal paired (FDD) 3G spectrum. In addition, the technology supports network sharing to further reduce deployment and operational costs.

About NextWave Wireless
NextWave Wireless Inc. (Nasdaq: WAVE) is engineering the future of mobility by providing next-generation mobile multimedia and wireless broadband technologies to the world’s leading mobile handset manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers and wireless service providers. From mobile television and mobile broadband systems to semiconductors and device-embedded mobile multimedia software that can be found in more than 200 million handsets around the globe, NextWave is evolving the way consumers experience mobile multimedia content. Mobile broadband networks powered by NextWave’s 4G evolution technologies have been deployed by operators around the world including T-Mobile in the Czech Republic and the City of New York which is launching the largest public-safety mobile broadband network in the world. NextWave’s award-winning and field-proven TDtv technology provides UMTS operators the most cost-effective and flexible means to deliver mobile television and multimedia broadcast services by using their existing spectrum. NextWave Wireless is headquartered in San Diego, California, U.S.A., and has offices in over a dozen countries.

About PacketVideo (PV)
PacketVideo, a subsidiary of NextWave Wireless Inc., is the software innovator powering the world’s leading mobile multimedia services. With more than 250 different devices supported and 200+ million PV multimedia clients deployed around the world, PV has the deepest, broadest and most respected multimedia software expertise in the industry. Founded in 1998, PV is headquartered in San Diego, California with regional offices in the U.S., Japan, Europe and India.