Birdstep's RDM Server Manages Point of Sales Systems for Oy Winpos

Birdstep Technology (OSE: BIRD), which offers state of the art embedded database technologies, announced that Oy Winpos AB has selected RDM Server for their next generation Point of Sales (POS) Systems. Winpos will use RDM Server to manage all point-of-sale operations in complex interconnected environments.

“When dealing with larger customer installations the key requirement is to manage POS data across multiple instances of our systems simultaneously. With the quality and performance of the Raima Database Manager (RDM) products, we’ve made the right choice in our database selection,” says Mikael Smedman, Technical Director for Winpos POS-Systems, adding “After years of success with the RDM Embedded product, we needed to scale up and make the move to Birdstep’s high end product, RDM Server. With Birdstep’s seamless upgrade path and compatibility between the products, Winpos could make this move without interruption and investment in intellectual capital. With such smooth transition our team could maintain our delivery plans, accelerate development of new required functionality, and satisfy our customer base in a timely fashion.”

“Birdstep has been focusing on the interoperability and compatibility between our products to allow customers like Winpos to start out small and grow into our high end products. With a well defined upgrade path, moving both the application development and customer base of a RDM Embedded based system to RDM Server is done in a matter of days, and opens up a world of functionality,” commented Duncan Bates, Vice President of Product Management at Birdstep.

About The Raima Database Manager Family
Raima released the first version of the Raima embedded database in 1984. Since then the family has grown into three successful embedded database products. RDM Embedded pioneered the embedded market space under the name dbVista. Building on the success of RDM Embedded, Raima released the product in a client/server configuration under the name Velocis, now called RDM Server. Augmenting the two is RDM Mobile, ideally suited for consumer electronics and low cost mobile devices such as set-top boxes, mp3 players etc.

About Birdstep Technology, Inc
Birdstep Technology, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Birdstep Technology ASA, is a leading provider of high-performance embedded database solutions known as the Raima Database Manager product-line. Since 1984, the company has been focused on solving data management problems in a wide variety of verticals such as Mil/Aero, Telecom, Financial, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Industrial Automation, Business Automation and more. With over 20,000 application developers, resulting in over 20,000,000 deployments, Birdstep continues to lead in the worldwide demand for embedded database technology.

About Oy Winpos AB
Oy Winpos Ab supplies customers in the Nordic countries with complete POS information systems, focusing mainly on specialty stores, food stores, restaurants and the public sector. Since 1997, the company has developed a broad family of POS systems, which are suitable for single stores as well as for multinational chains of stores. The Winpos information systems are among customers highly appreciated for their efficiency and user friendliness. Through continuous developments and investments, Oy Winpos Ab is ready to meet the increasing demand of efficient handling and analyzing of data within the retail sector. The company is committed to continue to supply customers in central and northern Europe with solid long term POS solutions.