Gleichmann Electronics Announces NEC 78K0R/Ix3 Microcontrollers

Gleichmann Electronics presents 19 new 16-bit All Flash(TM) microcontrollers (MCUs)in NEC Electronics’ 78K0R/Ix3 lineup. The new MCUs are built around a 78K0R CPU core that executes 13 million instructions per second (MIPS) at a clock speed of 20 MHz. The power consumption is only 1.8 mW per MIPS. Available on-chip memory configurations include 16 to 64 Kbytes of internal flash memory and 1 to 3 Kbytes of internal RAM.

In an industry first, the 78K0R/Ix3 MCUs integrate all of the basic analog circuits needed for motor control, including an op amp, comparators as well as a high-speed A/D converter together with the CPU and additional peripheral units on a single chip. By dispensing with additional external discrete component, manufacturers can not only reduce their bill of materials costs, but also save space on system boards.

Further features of the new 16-bit MCUs are the 12-channel integrated multifunction timers. These allow, for example, one channel of 6-phase pulse-width modulation(PWM)output and two channels of the half-bridge PWM output.

Packaging options available for the 19 new derivatives of the 78K0R/Ix3 MCUs include different SSOP and LQFP packages in pin counts ranging from 30 to 64 pins. Furthermore, a comprehensive choice of development tools, including MINICUBE2 on-chip debugger, IECUBE emulator, compiler suites as well as many starter kits and software tools, are available.

Data sheets for the new 78K0R/Ix3 MCUs are available immediately from Gleichmann Electronics. First samples are expected to be available in May 2008.

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